Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon Statistics & Data Science is world-renowned for the significance of its contributions to statistical theory and practice and for its outstanding interdisciplinary applied research.

Faculty in the department are engaged in a wide range of theoretical, methodological and collaborative research. Current research by our faculty is helping to make fundamental advances in neuroscience, cosmology, networks, finance, genetics, public policy, high-dimensional inference, and theory and methods at the intersection of statistics and machine learning. Collaboration, both within the department and across the university, is a core value of the department and a hallmark of the research work of our faculty.

The department boasts a very friendly and energetic working environment, and is dedicated to fostering, mentoring and supporting its community. The department is also widely recognized for advancing the teaching of Statistics and Data Science and for the excellence of our undergraduate program, with a large number of undergraduate majors and popular joint undergraduate programs in statistics and economics, and in statistics and machine learning. We also have two successful master’s programs and a thriving Ph.D. program that attract exceptional students from around the world.

Recent Announcements

History of the Department of Statistics, now the Department of Statistics and Data Science, at Carnegie Mellon University, 1966-2011

Learn all about our beginnings, our growth, and our journey to becoming a world-class Department of Statistics and Data Science.

The history through 2011 appears in Strength in Numbers: The Rising of Academic Statistics Departments in the U.S., A. Agresti and X.-L. Meng, eds., pp. 9-26, Springer Science+Business Media New York 2013. The compilation of a history from 2011 to the present by faculty and staff is underway, and will appear as an addendum to the history posted here.