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Intercultural and Global Inquiry: Of Minorities and Migrants: Exploring Germany from the Margins

Course Number: 82-286

Taught in English. Fulfills Intercultural and Global Inquiry Gen Ed requirement

Germany today is home to a multi-cultural and ethnically diverse population, largely the result of accelerated migratory flows in the wake of the country's postwar era. In this course, we will explore the impact and cultural dimensions of migrations through the lens of Germany's minorities. By mapping the course of German post-war history, immigration and migration, we will establish the context for our probe into the lived experience of Germany's Turkish, Jewish, Black, East German, and refugee minorities. Examining, comparing, and historically situating these experiences and surrounding debates will allow us to address topical issues related to diversity, multiculturalism, racism, and citizenship that shape contemporary Germany. Appreciating the diversity of minority experiences will help students think more critically about the constructedness of identities. This discussion-based course is taught in English and open to all students.

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Units: 9
Prerequisite(s): None