Carnegie Mellon University

Introduction to Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies: Visual Cultures and Practices in the Spanish-speaking World

Course Number: 82-345

This course will explore representations of the Spanish-speaking world (Latin America, Latine communities in the US, and Spain) through a focus on film, documentaries, performance, and visual arts, including murals, graffiti, photos and posters. We will focus on the second half of the twentieth century through to present day. The course will consider several themes: the relationships between aesthetics and economic systems; how race, ethnicity, gender and class are addressed in film and the visual arts, be it in ways that reify power structures or subvert them; how to interpret images as cultural artifacts; how the space in which we as viewers see an image tempers our reception and interpretation of the work. In addition to seeing multiple films and documentaries and viewing images, we will also do weekly readings to deepen our understanding of the historical context in which each work was produced, as well as readings of critical theory. The course will be taught in Spanish.

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Units: 9
Prerequisite(s): 82342 and 82343