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Bo Zhan

Bo Zhan

Lecturer of Japanese Studies

Education: PhD candidate, University of Wisconsin Madison


My research interest is analyzing the meters of different regulated verses worldwide to discover the relationship between Language typology, poetic meter, and background culture.

Another field of my research examines the effects of the teaching of Japanese speech acts (such as refusal) and speech styles to Chinese and English speakers, and learners’ different attitudes to the native speaker’s norm. In addition to my research, I have taught various levels of Japanese at Beloit College and Wake Forest University.

  • Sino-Japanese Phonology
  • Poetic Prosody
  • Pragmatics
  • Introduction to Japanese I
  • Elementary Japanese II

Zhan, B., & Takeuchi, M. (2019). "The Effect of Explicit Instruction on the Development of Chinese Japanese Language Learners' Pragmatic Competence with a Focus on Japanese Refusal." Proceedings of the 27th Central Association of Teachers of Japanese Conference, 218-225.

Department Member Since 2022