Carnegie Mellon University

Student Advisory Board

CaPS Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a community of diverse undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in serving as consultants and advisors to CaPS. Board members are interested in the mental and emotional wellbeing of students at CMU by focusing on increasing student accessibility to services, destigmatizing mental health struggles, and enhancing visibility of resources. The SAB provides input and thoughtful feedback of new CaPS initiatives, current programs, and staff searches. Members represent the voice of our diverse student community and support CaPS in providing services that are relevant to the student body. CaPS SAB is an essential connection between CaPS and the campus community.


  1. Identify areas of need and provide advice on specific services.
  2. Assist in disseminating CaPS information to peers and campus community.
  3. Provide feedback and advice on marketing materials.
  4. Participate in reviewing and creating ideas for website content and social media.
  5. Provide insights and concerns regarding matters of diversity and inclusion.
  6. Help generate ideas and identify areas of growth on how to reach more students.
  7. Share advice on the student experience.
  8. Participate and provide feedback on staff interviews.


  1. Members will become familiar with CaPS operations and our decision-making process.
  2. Possibility of receiving training about different mental health topics.
  3. Members will interact and get to know other students on campus with the same interest in mental health and wellness.
  4. Opportunity to meet and interact with different staff at CaPS.
  5. Members will practice skills in consultation and giving feedback that will help boost your resume.


The SAB term runs for one academic year (August to May). The SAB will meet twice a month for one hour with the Outreach Coordinator with the purpose of collaborating on different projects and providing feedback, support, and/or guidance on matters related to student mental health and CaPS services. Students are also required to attend a half day orientation in August.