Carnegie Mellon University

Resources: Aid at your fingertips

In addition to the services CaPS offers, there are things you can do and good information you can read to learn more about your emotional/mental health.

Please be aware that CaPS does not monitor or endorse the websites listed below. If you have any questions or concerns about your particular situation, give us a call.

On-Campus Resources

CMU University Police Department

The university’s safety and public safety resources.

University Health Services

Offers primary medical care, health promotion, and insurance services to all enrolled students.

Division of Student Affairs

Supports and fosters students' intellectual and personal growth with campus life, community engagement, cultural comprehension, health and well-being, leadership, and professional development. 

Academic Development

Offers a variety of academic support services like developing study strategies, study skills pamphlets, peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, and collaborative learning groups.

Office of Disability Resources

Provides responsive and reasonable accommodations to qualifed students who self-identify as having a disability, including physical, sensory, cognitive and emotional disabilities.

Global Communication Center

Helps students improve their oral, written, and visual communication skills through tutoring.

Intercultural Communication Center

Offers language and culturural skill development services to non-English speakers.

Office of International Education

Helps international students with personal, social, academic, immigration/visa, and acculturation issues.

Council of Religious Advisor (CoRA)

Supports and encourages religious and spiritual life within the campus community. Services include counseling, educational programs, conferences, worship, discussion groups, social events, and more.

The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion

Is a centralized resource for all undergraduate and graduate students. It provides comprehensive support to CMU students through academic and cultural programming, a supportive and inclusive community space, as well as expert advising staff.

Office of Title IX Initiatives

Dedicated to promoting gender equity, which includes coordinating the university's efforts to prevent and effectively respond to all forms of sexual misconduct.

Local Resources

Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic

Provides mental health services, including emergency hospitalizations.

Resolve Crisis Network

Provides around-the-clock mental health crisis intervention, and stabilization services.

Gateway Rehabilitation Center

Offers a variety of alcohol and other drugs treatment.

Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh (GLCC)

Provides support to the LGBT community.

Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR)

Offers support for victims of rape and sexual assault.

Planned Parenthood

Women’s health care and information.

Center for Victims

Assistance to victims of any kind of crime; 24-hour crisis hotline: