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Cohon University Center Policies

Due to Covid-19 mitigation protocols, the Cohon University Center may adjust any of the below policies to comply with university standards and/or protect the health of our community.

For complete and up-to-date campus-wide protocols, please visit:

Cohon University Center policies are established by the Jared L. Cohon University Center management team. The management team includes representatives from Cohon University Center administration, Dining Services, Retail Services, Campus Security, Athletics, University Advancement, and the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement.

All university policies relating to alcohol use and social host responsibility will be firmly adhered to within the Cohon University Center (see the University Alcohol and Drug Policy).

The university firmly supports all laws relating to alcohol within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In accordance with these stipulations, alcohol will be permitted only at approved social events within the Cohon University Center in compliance with procedures set forth by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.

Alcohol is prohibited in hallways and public areas.

Groups using a Cohon University Center room or space must use a preferred campus vendor, or pay the non-preferred vendor fee for set up and clean up for events with 25 or more attendees.

Chartwells is the preferred and primary catering vendor on campus.

For smaller or more casual special events or meetings, catering may also be provided via any of CMU Dining's on campus vendors.

For events with fewer than 25 attendees, there is no non-preferred vendor fee, and catering/food may be provided in a manner chosen by the hosting entity.

For events with 25 or more attendees, there is a set-up and clean-up fee if a non-preferred vendor is used:

  • $85 fee for events with 26-150 attendees
  • $110 fee for events with 150-250 attendees
  • $220 fee for events with more than 250 attendees

Commuter Lockers are available for use on a first come, first served basis. These rental lockers are in the lower level of the CUC across from the WRCT radio station. To be assigned a locker and pay the rental fee, please contact

Patrons may not substitute the lock assigned to them for personal locks.

Patrons are responsible for the condition of their lockers and will be held responsible for any damage done and all costs associated with the repair of their lockers.

Neither Carnegie Mellon University nor the Jared L. Cohon University Center is liable for loss or damage of property.

Patrons must clean out lockers by the last day of final exams during the semester in which the locker is rented.

All property left in lockers after the last day of final exams will be removed and discarded.

Display cases, located on the first floor and lower level, can be reserved through the Cohon University Center scheduling office via 25Live (login required). Any information that is displayed or publicized must pertain to an event that is affiliated with the Cohon University Center. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance. Display cases can be reserved for a period of two weeks.

Except as noted below, all dogs, cats, and other pets are prohibited from the premises of the Cohon University Center.

Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities and are permitted in the Cohon University Center. Emotional support animals are not permitted in Cohon University Center. Service animals may be prohibited from accessing certain environments where the presence of an animal presents a health or safety risk (e.g. swimming in the pool; food preparation areas, etc.).

Additional information for students regarding policies on pets, service animals and emotional support animals is available in the Student Handbook (The Word).

Alcoholic Beverages 

See Alcoholic Beverages policy


Audiovisual and Other Equipment

Media Services

Arrangements for audiovisual equipment to be used in the Cohon University Center should be made through Media Services. This office provides audiovisual equipment for the Cohon University Center and is responsible for the fees and policies. Request services via the Media Services website.

Any equipment not available through Media Services that is brought into the Cohon University Center by the event sponsor must be approved by the Cohon University Center Scheduling Office.

AB Tech

Student organizations that wish to use special sound or lighting for large events may contact AB Tech. The AB Tech website lists services available and includes directions for requests.


See Catering Policy.

For groups preparing their own food, please refer to the Food Safety Policy

Cleanup and Maintenance

Events requiring significant additional attention will be arranged by the Cohon Center at the expense of the event sponsor—for example, events with a limited time for physical setups or large-scale events. All decorations, including helium balloons, must be removed immediately following an event. Failure to do so may result in charges to the event sponsor.

Crowd Control

The Cohon Center Scheduling Office has the authority to limit attendance at events with the potential to exceed the capacity of the reserved space. Also, additional Cohon Center staff or security may be required at the cost of the event sponsor.


Event sponsors are responsible for ensuring that no damage occurs to facilities of the Cohon Center during the course of an event. Damaged facilities or equipment will be repaired at the expense of the event sponsor.


All event sponsors wishing to drop off materials must coordinate their deliveries through the Cohon Center Scheduling Office. Deliveries not approved in advance may be denied.


Parking arrangements are the responsibility of the sponsor. Guest parking can be arranged through Parking and Transportation Services by calling (412) 268-2052 or visiting the Parking and Transportation Services website. Guests are subject to all parking regulations. It is the responsibility of the event sponsor, department, or individual who arranges for visitor parking to make the parking rules and regulations known to visitors. Any parking tickets issued to sponsors, performers, or participants are their sole responsibility.

Removing Equipment

All equipment and supplies furnished by the event sponsor must be removed from the space no later than the end time of the reservation. Costs incurred for removal of materials will be charged to the event sponsor. Carnegie Mellon University and the Jared L. Cohon University Center assume no responsibility for damage to or loss of equipment and materials left in the Cohon Center. Equipment may not be left in any Cohon Center location without prior approval from the Cohon Center Scheduling Office. The event sponsor assumes full responsibility for any equipment or materials brought into or left in the Cohon Center.


The Cohon Center Scheduling Office, in conjunction with University Police, will have authority to determine the security needs for a particular event. The Cohon Center Scheduling Office will make arrangements for the provision of security with University Police. All costs for such security will be the responsibility of the event sponsor and will be included in the invoice generated by the Scheduling Office.


All student organizations planning an event that involves preparing, cooking, and/or serving food in the Cohon University Center reserved spaces must follow these steps at least two days in advance of the event:

  1. When reserving an event on the online reservation system (25Live), indicate in the notes that the event will have perishable food that will be prepared, cooked, and/or served by members of the organization.
  2. Events preparing perishable food on site may be no more than 2 hours in duration.
  3. Events serving perishable food prepared in an off-site non-commercial (residential) kitchen may be no more than 2 hours in duration.
  4. Events serving food in accordance to the Catering Policy are exempt from requirements to pre-register events and have Certified Food Handlers present, but are strongly encourages to review and follow food safety guidelines.
  5. Private events which are not open to the public (e.g. organization meeting, department potluck, etc.) are exempt from requirements to pre-register events and have Certified Food Handlers present, but are strongly encourages to review and follow food safety guidelines.
  6. Certified Food Handlers must complete a food safety quiz two business days in advance of the event. The quiz will use the Cooking for Groups; A Volunteer’s Guide to Food Safety, created by the USDA for guidance.
  7. All members of the organization who will be preparing, cooking, and/or serving food must complete food safety quiz. The certification for each individual will last for one academic year.
  8. A minimum of one Certified Food Handler must be present at the event at all times. Individuals must be able to provide proof of certification when requested.
  9. If an event is held by individuals or organizations that have not passed the food safety quiz or are not following proper food safety guidelines, the event will not be allowed to continue.
  10. After two violations, an organization will not be allowed to hold food events in the Cohon University Center reserved spaces for the remainder of the academic year.
  11. Requests for exceptions to this policy may be submitted for review to


All Carnegie Mellon students, faculty, staff, and guests are responsible for the security of their property; Carnegie Mellon accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items while on Carnegie Mellon’s on campus property, non-campus property, and adjacent public property, including all recognized Carnegie Mellon events.

When made known through designated “lost and found” locations, Carnegie Mellon University will make a reasonable effort to return lost/abandoned property to its owner.

Carnegie Mellon University complies with all applicable laws pertaining to lost/abandoned property.


Carnegie Mellon University categorizes lost/abandoned property as follows:

  • Identifiable Property – Any item(s) that is believed to belong to a specific and identifiable individual
  • Unidentifiable Property - Any item(s) with no ability to associate to a specific and identifiable individual
  • High-Value Items – Any cash and jewelry with an estimated value over $50. Additionally, any item with an estimated value over $500
  • General Items – Any item not considered a “High-Value” item, that still maintains some level of monetary value


Procedures for Lost/Abandoned Property:

  • High Value Items
    • Identifiable and unidentifiable property will be turned over to the Carnegie Mellon University Police Department (CMUPD) once received. High value items will not be listed on CMU’s public “lost and found” website.
    • If identifiable, the owner will be contacted and the property will be held by CMUPD for a period of 3 years before being turned over to the Pennsylvania State Treasurer.
    • If not identifiable, the property will be held by CMUPD for a period of 1 year before being turned over to the Pennsylvania State Treasurer.
  • General Items
    • Identifiable property will be held at the Cohon University Center Information Desk. The owner will be notified and the property will be held for a minimum of 90 days.
    • Unidentifiable property will be documented via a public “lost and found” website, and the property will be held for a minimum of 90 days.
    • If unclaimed, all property may be donated, given away, and/or discarded.
  • Returning Property
    • Anyone claiming property must present a CMU or government issued ID to verify identity, which will be recorded.
    • Anyone claiming property may be asked to take further steps to verify their ownership.

*Water bottles and any such items which may carry bodily fluids will not be accepted.


Organizations hosting events in the Cohon Center are not permitted to tape decorations to any surface in the building. Organizations may request sign stands from the Information Desk for decorations and may hang banners and decorations using string where appropriate.

Directional Signs

Directional signage is not permitted to be taped anywhere inside or outside the Cohon University Center, including on doors and in stairwells. The Cohon University Center will provide sign stands to direct patrons to events in the building. The center also has a limited number of plastic sandwich boards that organizations may borrow to place signage outside the building.


Display Cases

The Cohon University Center maintains two display cases available to organizations for advertising. These may be reserved for a maximum of two weeks through our 25Live online scheduling system (login required). Display cases are 57" x 45".


  • Banner must advertise a university-related event.
  • Banner must be made of vinyl (no paper, plastic, or cardboard).
  • Banner must have grommets at the top in order to attach to railings with zip ties.
  • There are two spaces to hang banners: space #1 is 10' x 9', and space #2 is 6' x 9'.
  • Banner time limit is two weeks.

For any questions, please contact


Bulletin Boards

(Download the posting policy and map of locations)

Open Boards

There are several locations available for the placement of posters, including above the water fountains in the elevator lobby on every floor and along the north entrance hallway facing Forbes Avenue. Use only tacks when posting flyers to bulletin boards (no staples or tape).

Controlled Boards and Digital Board

Controlled boards are maintained by the Cohon University Center staff and are available for students or organizations to place posters on, with permission.


Posting is prohibited in the following areas: walls, doors, columns, piers, pylons, floors, ceilings, windows, furniture, and fixtures (including light fixtures, vents, pipes, radiators, water fountains, soap dispensers, toilets, urinals, sinks, bathroom partitions, etc.). Posters laid anywhere in the Cohon University Center, including on tables and banisters, will be treated as litter and thrown away. Table tents are permitted, as long as the article can stand on its own.

  • Duplicate posters on a single board are not permitted.
  • Posters may not be posted over active posters.
  • Posters may not exceed 11" x 17".
  • The main information on the poster must be in English.

Posting on Controlled Boards and Digital Board

The Cohon University Center maintains bulletin boards and a digital board in Lee Lobby to advertise campus events.

In order to have a flyer posted to these bulletin boards, organizations are required to provide two posters to the Information Desk. The posters will be posted on the controlled boards located on the east wall of Kirr Commons and to the left of the Career and Professional Development Center in the lower level.

In order to have a flyer posted to the Lee Lobby digital board, organizations must email a PDF version of the flyer in portrait orientation to Only events occurring in the Cohon Center may be advertised on the Lee Lobby digital board.

  • Posters must advertise an event hosted and/or sponsored by a recognized student organization or administrative department.
  • Posters may not exceed 11" x 17".
  • The event title, date, and time must be listed in English.
  • The event must take place on campus or at a recognized off-campus location such as Soldiers and Sailors Hall.
  • The event must be open to the entire campus community.
  • The poster may not advertise the consumption of alcohol.
  • The images and text must be of a tasteful quality.


The building supervisor is responsible for approval of posters. If the poster fails the requirement for posting or is deemed inappropriate for posting on the controlled boards, the poster will not be posted and may be returned or discarded. All approved posters will be stamped to indicate their approval.


If the poster is approved, a building supervisor will post it as his or her work schedule permits.


Removal of Posters on All Boards

All posters hung in the building will receive a date stamp. Posters hung on open boards may remain on the bulletin board for a period of two weeks, at which time a building supervisor will remove and discard of the poster.

Posters approved to be displayed on controlled boards will be removed after 1 month, or at the discretion of Cohon Center Staff

Any Cohon University Center building supervisor or staff member has the right to remove posters from any bulletin board in the building.


Violation of Policy

Any violation of this policy may result in fines levied against an individual or organization. This policy may be amended or revised as deemed necessary by Cohon Center staff.


Who May Reserve Space

Reservations may be requested by any member of the campus community (student, faculty member, or staff member) on behalf of a recognized student organization or an academic or administrative department. Reservation requests may be submitted using 25Live (login required)

External organizations whose primary purpose is education or community service may request the use of space in the Jared L. Cohon University Center by contacting the Scheduling Office. Outside organizations need to use CMU Conference and Event Services and will be charged a fee for the use of the space.

Vendors seeking to use table space within or outside the Cohon Center should also contact the Scheduling Office or Conference and Event Services. Vendors will be charged a fee for each day of table rental.

Reservation Policy and Procedures

Requests for the use of space will be accepted and confirmed up to one year in advance.

Recreation facilities are available for special reservation on a limited basis due to regularly scheduled fitness classes, intramurals, and recreational programs.

Priority access for reservations is given to regular Carnegie Mellon University and/or Cohon University Center functions based on the university calendar (Orientation, Homecoming, Carnival, etc.). All other requests will be accepted in the order in which they are received.

How to Submit a Request

When submitting a request, the following information is required:

  • Login to 25Live
  • Requestor name
  • Department/organization
  • Name and type of event
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Date of event
  • Number of people attending
  • Actual event time
  • Brief description and purpose of the event

Athletics Reservations

For Carnegie Mellon University faculty, staff, and or student individual use of the recreational facilities, such as racquetball and squash courts, visit the CMU Athletics Website.

Types of Events

  • University event: An event organized by, financially supported by, and intended for members of the Carnegie Mellon University community. If this organization is a student organization, then it must be recognized by the Committee on Student Organizations.
  • Approved university-sponsored event: An event sponsored by a Carnegie Mellon University department involving an organization that is outside the university community. This event should provide an educational or community service opportunity.

Deadlines for Submitting Reservation Requests

Please note that submitting a request for a space, either via e-mail or on the online reservation system, does not guarantee the requestor that space. The requestor must receive a confirmation e-mail from the Scheduling Office before the reservation is confirmed.

  • Standard meeting rooms should be requested at least two full business days prior to the date of the event or meeting. Please note, however, that such a two-day notice may not allow the requestor to make sufficient arrangements for special meeting services and setups. To ensure availability of services, information should be received 10 business days prior to an event.
  • Requests for use of McConomy Auditorium, Rangos Ballroom, or the Connan Room should be received at least seven business days prior to the date of the event. Please note, however, that such notice may not allow the requestor to make sufficient arrangements for special services and setups. To ensure availability of services, information should be received 10 business days prior to an event.
  • Late requests for event space (less than two business days' notice) may result in a $25 fee, in addition to any standard room and equipment rental rates, assessed to the organization if the request is granted.

No Transfer of Reservations

An event sponsor may not transfer a reservation to another organization, nor may space reserved for an approved program be used for another purpose.

Requesting Meeting Services and Setups

To ensure availability of services, the Cohon University Center Scheduling Office should be notified of specific setup and use requirements as soon as possible. The Scheduling Office may not be able to accommodate requests for special equipment and setups if such requests are received less than 10 business days prior to an event.

For more information, see Event Policies and Meeting Rooms and Spaces.

Event Sponsor Responsibilities

Each reserved event must have a designated event sponsor, who must maintain responsibility for the actions of all persons using the Cohon University Center's facilities as part of their event. Event sponsors must ensure that their event conforms to all Cohon University Center Policies.

Frequency of Reservations

An organization may reserve McConomy AuditoriumRangos Ballroom, or the Connan Room a maximum of once a week — on Sundays through Thursdays — for meetings or events. An organization may reserve McConomy Auditorium or Rangos Ballroom no more than three weekend days — Fridays and Saturdays — each semester.

Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis — for example, for a large-scale event drawing a wide spectrum of students or for repeat performances.

Fees for Use of Facilities

  • University events may use meeting facilities at no cost. Fees will be incurred for audio/visual equipment, equipment rental, security, and other services (as well as for any substantial deviation from standard room setup).
  • Approved university-sponsored events may use meeting facilities for a fee. There are additional charges for audio-visual equipment, rental equipment, security, and other services (as well as for any substantial deviation from standard room setup).

Payment of Fees and Deadlines

If fees are applicable, a 50 percent deposit is required 10 days after receipt of confirmation. The balance will be invoiced immediately following the event and is due upon receipt. If the event is canceled 10 or more business days prior to the event, then half of the deposit will be refunded.


A $25 No-Show fee may be charged to an organization that is not present for a reservation if that organization has failed to notify the Cohon University Center Scheduling Office of a cancellation within the appropriate time frame:

  • For larger event spaces, cancellations must be made at least seven business days prior to the event.
  • For smaller meeting spaces, cancellations must be made at least three business days prior to the event.
  • In the case of a last-minute request, cancellations must be made within 24 hours of the request.

Right to Adjust Reservations

The Cohon University Center Scheduling Office reserves the right to determine the appropriate use of the spaces within the building. An event may be relocated or denied space at the discretion of the Cohon University Center Scheduling Office.

Regularly scheduled academic classes are permitted in the Cohon University Center during the Covid mitigation protocol, including those requiring the use of recreational facilities (e.g. racquetball, swimming, etc.). McConomy Auditorium may be scheduled for examinations.
In accordance with university policy, as detailed in the Student Handbook, the use of bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and any other personal recreational and/or wheeled vehicle (with the exception for wheelchairs and other accessibility equipment) is prohibited in the building and on the pedestrian ramps adjacent to the building.
The Cohon University Center is a smoke-free building (including all cigarettes, cigars, e-cigs, etc.). For more information refer to the University Smoking Policy.
The maximum capacity for reserved spaces cannot be exceeded (see Event Spaces). Furniture cannot be added or removed from the existing reservable spaces.
Student organizations that would like to reserve space for events and meetings within the Cohon University Center must be recognized by the Committee on Student Organizations. When making space requests, student organizations may be required to provide a valid list of all the members who belong to the organization.
  1. Tabling will be permitted in Wean Commons and outdoors along pedestrian sidewalks.
  2. Table reservations should be made through our 25Live online scheduling system (login required) at least two business days before the event. Cancellations should be made by email at least two business days before the event in order to avoid penalty charges.
  3. All outside vendors and companies that would like to table inside or outside the Cohon University Center need to contact Conference and Event Services. Fees will apply.
  4. Indoor tables are called CUC-Wean Commons 1-8. Outdoor tables are called CUC-Outside Table 1-4. For indoor tables, set up inside the Cohon University Center Wean Commons and the staff will set up the table. For outdoor tables, the requestor must carry the table outside and return it to the Information Desk when they are finished. Photo ID must be provided as collateral for the table. Table assignment may not be switched from indoor to outdoor and vice versa unless requested to do so two business days in advance.
  5. Entities may reserve either an indoor table or an outdoor table on a given day, not both. No exceptions will be made for inclement weather.
  6. A table reservation includes one 6-foot table and a maximum of four chairs.
  7. An organization may reserve a table no more than three days per week; however, tables sometimes become available at the last minute due to cancellations. Stop by the Information Desk after 11 a.m. on the day of the tabling event to check on availability.
  8. If a group is 30 minutes late to pick up their table, the Cohon Center reserves the right to give away that table to another group.
  9. If requested, sign stands may be provided for indoor table reservations. Sign stands are not available for outdoor table reservations.
  10. Tables for the fall and spring semesters may be reserved on or after August 1.

Table space for distribution and sales by university and/or outside vendors is available for use in designated public spaces in the Cohon University Center and adjacent patios. All persons using a table space must remain within the designated area.

Vendors that are granted space will be treated as guests of the university and expected to adhere to all applicable university and Jared L. Cohon University Center policies and procedures. The event sponsor or vendor is responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations of the City of Pittsburgh and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding all items sold. All materials distributed within the Cohon University Center or at adjacent public spaces must meet the standards specified in the Student Handbook.

Student organizations interested in sponsoring an outside vendor should contact the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement for more information. No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products may be distributed in any common area within or adjacent to the Cohon University Center.

The Director of the Cohon University Center may deny any and all center privileges to any individual or group in the event of any violation of policies or procedures. Written appeals may be made to the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs.