Carnegie Mellon University

Student Employment

Students who are interested in working at the Cohon Center can fill out an application for the positions below. Student employees at the center must be full-time undergraduate students who qualify for federal work-study.

Information Desk Attendants primarily work to provide information to members of the campus community as well as members of the public. They will be expected to serve as a face and voice for the university, primarily to answer questions and provide information regarding events (not only in the center but also on and off campus events) related to the university, as well as sell tickets and provide information for events hosted by campus departments and organizations. They must also be able to respond to queries over the phone and sometimes transfer calls to the appropriate department.

In addition to providing information, Desk Attendants will be expected to make copies, send faxes, maintain the lost and found, lend equipment for events in the center, and contact services related to events in the center, including Media Tech, catering, and custodial services.

The people in this position provide needed services and information to Carnegie Mellon University students, staff, faculty, and guests. They often are the first place visitors stop to find out where to get information and to ask questions about perceptions and services of the university. Especially for incoming students and their families, the Information Desk provides an important first impression to campus visitors.

An Equipment Desk attendant is responsible for all patrons of the center recreational facilities. Student workers are responsible for swiping Carnegie Mellon University ID cards and issuing wristbands to patrons who are permitted to use the facility. Desk attendants ensure proper activity and use of equipment within the recreational facilities.

In addition, an Equipment Desk attendant serves as a resource of information to CMU students, staff, faculty and community members regarding events and activities held in the center. Student workers also execute several tasks including but not limited to providing laundry service for patrons; supplying towels; maintaining good condition of athletic equipment; issuing wristbands and punch cards for Group X-ercise, personal training, and swimming lessions; and distributing athletic equipment.

Cohon Center building supervisors are responsible for building operations and maintenance throughout the day. They will be expected to maintain meeting rooms—ensuring that they are open, clean, set up properly, and ready for each event scheduled. They must also serve as a supervisor for the Information Desk, providing the same kinds of information and first impressions to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. In addition, they are also supervisors for the Equipment Desk, maintaining the athletic facilities in the center and ensuring that all patrons using the facilities are members of the campus community and their guests.

Student employees in this position will enforce rules of the center to keep the building safe, secure, comfortable and in good condition. As the center is usually the first building that visitors see, the building supervisor must ensure that visitors are greeted in a safe, pleasant, and well-maintained building.