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Focusing on Accountability & Allyship

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can mean many things to various audiences. Here in the College of Fine Arts, we are working toward improving our efforts to become more inclusive and accepting of all people, regardless of their individual preferences, experiences, social identities and more.

In all programming this academic year, we will focus on the overall theme of Accountability and Allyship — how each of us is responsible for our actions and how we will work together to reach our goals. We are in this together. Some months we will celebrate and recognize national observances in our own way, but all our events may not relate to that one month’s theme. We may, for your benefit, offer an event or discussion that’s timely or important to talk about. We welcome your feedback on all our efforts and we look forward to working toward a unified vision of what DEI is for CFA.

Queer on Campus

a conversation about LGBTQ+ inclusivity with the CEO of Campus Pride

October 25, 2022

5–6pm | Talk

Shane Windmeyer (he/they), founder and CEO of Campus Pride, will share their expertise gleaned from over 20 years of experience working to make college campuses across the country more inclusive for LGBTQ+ identities. Together with CMU’s Dr. Harrison Apple (they/them), who will bring their own expertise and passion around Queer culture and history, and questions solicited from the CMU community, we will discuss current trends, themes and issues along with the collective work that still lies ahead.

Are Generational Tensions Eroding Racial Justice?

an interactive conversation with scholar practitioner and award-winning author Dax-Devlon Ross, facilitated by Dr. Brett Crawford

October 28, 2022

12:30–1:30pm | Facilitated Workshop

Workshop for faculty and staff.

The anti-racist work that began taking place in the wake of George Floyd’s murder has surfaced deep fissures not only across the racial divide but also along generational lines. The young don’t seem to trust their elders and vice versa. But what's at the core of this distrust? And why is it so pervasive? More importantly, how do we who believe we are fighting for a better world for all not exhaust ourselves fighting our allies who happen to have been born and raised in a different era? This workshop promises to explore the complex and dynamic social justice terrain that we have entered in recent years and how we can navigate it gracefully at any age or life stage without resorting to silence, righteous shaming or cancellation.

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Spotlight on Inclusive Teaching

enhancing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in course design and delivery

November 1, 2022

10–11:30am | Interactive Round Table

This interactive, roundtable-style event features teaching strategies developed by CMU faculty designed to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion and/or belonging (DEIB) in their courses. Attendees can expect to dialogue with colleagues, leave with practical strategies and be inspired to invest in their own DEIB interventions in their current or future teaching. Speakers will highlight transferable examples applied in various disciplines from STEM as well as the Arts and Humanities. Speakers will include:

  • Destenie Nock, College of Engineering
  • Kira Dreher and Jeffrey Squires, Arts & Sciences, CMU-Qatar
  • Andrew Twigg, College of Fine Arts
  • Rosalyn Abbott, College of Engineering

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