Carnegie Mellon University

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Building a Healthier, More Dynamic Experience for All

written by
Valeria J. Martinez

In January 2021, Valeria J. Martinez was named the assistant dean for diversity, equity and inclusion within Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Fine Arts (CFA). One of her primary responsibilities in coming aboard was to help ensure that CFA continues to evolve into a more diverse, truly inclusive and equitable environment for all, according to former dean of CFA, Dan Martin. During the past 18 months, Martinez said she believes the transformative work across CFA has just begun.

Last August, CFA welcomed a new dean, Mary Ellen Poole, and the university welcomed an inaugural vice provost for diversity, equity and inclusion, Wanda Heading-Grant. Working with both of these leaders, Martinez said, helps to foster a new chapter of inclusion for the college.

“Already working in strong collaboration, new initiatives have been passed throughout CFA,” she said. “From a new bias response process, new programming and curricula models, various professional development opportunities, including inaugural leadership retreats, CFA is building bridges with the university to foster inclusive excellence.”

In the coming months, Martinez will roll out another series of leadership development for students, faculty and staff at the college. In collaboration with DEI leads for Dietrich College and Tepper College respectively, new programs will be offered to the student body. Martinez is also in conversation with LEAP and the Arts Greenhouse to strengthen their partnerships.

“The coming year looks promising as diversity, equity and inclusion are utilized as the building blocks for a healthier and more dynamic collegiate experience for all,” she said.