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 NEW Tool! We've made it easy for instructors to upload your course syllabus directly into the Syllabus Registry...

Alternatively, you can still upload from within your Canvas course if you'd like.

View the Syllabus ImageDepartment Admins: Upload Faculty Syllabi 

Departmental administrators have the ability to upload syllabi on behalf of their instructors. How-to upload syllabi for Dept Admins...

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CMU community members can view all of the syllabi published in the registry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Instructors who are using Canvas can go into their Canvas course site to indicate which Canvas file or Canvas page (including the Syllabus page) represents their syllabus. After clicking a button, their syllabus is automatically copied to the Syllabus Registry.
View step-by-step instructions...

Instructors who are not using Canvas can provide a soft copy of their syllabus to their Departmental Admin, who can upload it manually to the Syllabus Registry.
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Anyone with an AndrewID can log onto Canvas and visit the Syllabus Registry site.
Log in to view the Syllabus Registry...

Yes, all courses in S3 from the current semester.

The Syllabus Registry will have separate entries by section, so separate syllabi may be entered by section. If these courses use Canvas, the syllabi will be treated as distinct based on how instructors requested the Canvas sections be set up.

If the cross-listed section is associated with a Canvas course, the syllabus will populate within the department of the cross-listed section(s). Otherwise the file must be uploaded manually by the department admin of the cross-listed department.

Print the webpage to pdf format so that file may be uploaded by a departmental administrator. If the syllabus is distributed across multiple webpages, you can either print multiple pages to a single pdf or print the page of the syllabus that has the key components of the syllabus, making sure that the course URL appears somewhere in the pdf document.


We will work with the Registrar’s Office to find a good date for that. Note: each department’s syllabus site on Canvas is for a single semester.

In general, the latest updated one wins. Because Canvas files/pages that are registered by faculty within Canvas are refreshed each night, these files will generally be latest (and will over-write manually uploaded files).

Yes, this is the intention.

Syllabi should be submitted by the first day the course meets.

If the faculty member makes a significant change to their syllabus after registering it, they may go back to the "Syllabus Registry" button in their Canvas course and register again -- this time selecting the updated syllabus. 

Please email with any questions or feedback