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Perusall is an annotation tool available within Canvas through an LTI integration. It allows students and faculty to annotate assigned readings and collaboratively markup reading material in a social setting.

To enable Perusall in your Canvas site:

  1. Go to the Settings area of your course site’s left navigation menu
  2. Click the Navigation tab
    Navigation Tab
  3. Locate Perusall in the list, by default in the disabled section, near the bottom of the list, and click the three dots to the right of ‘Perusall’
  4. Select ‘+ Enable’
  5. Save your changes on this page (the button is found at the very bottom of the page)
    Save Button
  6. Next, click the Perusall link that now appears in your course’s left navigation menu
  7. You will then be directed to your Perusall site, beginning with a tour around the dashboard and ending on the ‘Get Started’ page.
    Get Started Tab
  8. On the ‘Get Started’ page you will begin setting up your Perusall course by clicking the blue arrows by steps 2-4.
    1. Step 2 choose course start and end date
    2. Step 3 add new or existing materials from the library
    3. Step 4 create assignments to interact with these materials
      Blue Arrows by Steps 2-4

Access help documents and FAQs in perusall Help field at the top left of the Perusall window or go to
Help Button