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How to use Gradescope: A Faculty Guide

Gradescope is a tool licensed by CMU and integrated with Canvas for easy access by instructors and students. Gradescope helps instructors grade paper-based assignments online by speeding up the grading process as well as provide effective and timely feedback. Faculty will use Gradescope to:

  • Promote fairer grading practices by facilitating anonymous grading and question-by-question (rather than student-by-student) grading
  • Access and review all of your (graded) work
  • Manage regrade requests

We've prepared a syllabus blurb for you to adopt or adapt, as well as an initial Gradescope assignment you can provide to students to help them practice with the Gradescope submission workflow. Download the .docx file...

If you would like to refer students to the Student Guide, please refer them to the Gradescope student guide.

Setting up a Gradescope Assignment in Canvas:

Like other external tools in Canvas, you can add Gradescope to your canvas course to provide students with a one-stop shop for all of their course work. Here are various ways you can add Gradescope to your Canvas course:

  1. Add Gradescope as a Course Navigation Item
  2. Add to your modules page
  3. Create a Gradescope assignment via a Canvas assignment: contact us if this option interests you.

1. Add Gradescope as a Course Navigation Item

From your course's settings area, click the "navigation" tab at the top of the screen. Find Gradescope from the list, then click the 3 dots and select "enable" from the menu. When you are finished, click the "save" button at the bottom of the page.

 enable gradescope in navigation image

  • Gradescope will now appear in the left navigation menu of your Canvas course. Click on the Gradescope menu item to launch Gradescope in a new tab.
  • Depending on your previous usage of Gradescope one of two options will appear: If this is your first time using Gradescope, you will be brought to a course created for you, which will have automatically linked to your Canvas course.
new created course screen image
  • Additionally, you will receive an automatically generated email from the Gradescope team asking you to create a new password.
  • If you have used Gradescope previously, you will be prompted with a pop-up menu asking whether you would like to link this Canvas course with a previously created Gradescope course or a new one.

link to canvas course screen image

2. Add Gradescope to a Module

  • To Add Gradescope as a module item, click on the "+" button within the module.
plus module image

  • Select “External Tool” from the dropdown menu and search for Gradescope in the list of items. We also recommend making sure the “Load in a New Tab” checkbox is selected to ensure that the Gradescope tool is viewed properly. The select "Add Item".

gradescope external tool selector box

  • A link to Gradescope will now appear as a module item.

gradescope enable in course module

Unlike CMU's Canvas-to-S3 roster sync, your roster must be synced manually into gradescope.

  • From Gradescope, click on "Roster" from the left navigation menu.

gradescope roster detail image

  • Click the "Sync Canvas Roster" button at the bottom right of the course roster page.

sync gradescope roster to canvas image

  • A pop-up will appear describing how the Canvas roster sync works, the Canvas course that will link with Gradescope, and an option to send an email letting users know that they were added to the course. Click "Sync Roster".

roster popup image

  • Students and instructors from your Canvas course will be added. If students add or drop the course, then sync your roster again.

Gradescope allows you to transfer the scores for an assignment into your Canvas course. To do so, follow these three steps:

  1. Create a Canvas Assignment
  2. Link Your Assignment through Gradescope
  3. Post Grades to Canvas

1. Create a Canvas Assignment 

  • Navigate to your Canvas course and Create an Assignment. From within the Edit Assignment page in Canvas, expand the “Submission Type” dropdown menu and select “No Submission.” Add any additional assignment details and then click “Save and Publish.” Be sure to name your Canvas assignment the same as your Gradescope assignment.

edit assignment settings popup

2. Link a Gradescope assignment to an existing Canvas Assignment

  • Navigate to the assignment in Gradescope and click on the “Settings” option from the navigation menu.

gradescope assignment settings

  • From the Settings page, click the “Link” button under the Canvas Assignment header.

gradescope edit assessment image

  • Select your Canvas assignment from the dropdown menu and click the “Link Assignment” button when finished. Note: If your assignments in Canvas and Gradescope both have the same name, Gradescope should find the Canvas assignment to link automatically.

gradescope dropdown selection image

  • Gradescope will now show you that the assignment has successfully been linked. You also have the ability to change where you would like to link the assignment or unlink the assignment from Canvas, if you so choose.

gradescope link confirmation popup

3. Post Grades to Canvas

  • When a Gradescope assignment is linked to a Canvas assignment, a button allowing you to post Grades to Canvas will appear in the Review Grades area of the Gradescope assignment.
    gradescope post grades confirmation image
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