Carnegie Mellon University

Annotating with Gradescope

You can annotate a particular submission in Gradescope by moving your cursor to the submission details and selecting one of the options that appears.

Your options are Text Box, Draw, Box, and Erase

To create a text box, click the Text icon and then click on an area within the question to begin typing. You will have the ability to rearrange the placement of the text box as well. 
text box

To draw on a submission, select the pencil icon.
pencil icon

To draw a box, click on the box icon and click and drag over the area that you wish to highlight. 
box icon

You can also use multiple annotation types on the same submission.
 multiple annotation types

To Erase, click on the eraser icon and click and drag to remove a created annotation.

Note: Annotations only apply to the submission you are currently grouping. The annotations will not apply to every submission if you are using assignment grouping.