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How-to: Post Gradescope Grades to Canvas

Gradescope allows you to transfer the scores for an already-existing Gradescope assignment into your Canvas course. To do so, follow these two steps:

1. Create a Canvas assignment and link to a Gradescope assignment
2. Post Gradescope grades to Canvas

1. Create a Canvas Assignment linked to Gradescope

  • In your Canvas course,create a new assignment. Edit the assignment page in Canvas and expand the “Submission Type” dropdown menu, then select “External Tool”.
  • Click the Find button and then select Gradescope from the “Configure External Tool” list.
    Configure External Tool List Screenshot
  • After you click the Select button, a Gradescope window will open within your Canvas course for you to link a Gradescope assignment. Under the “Link With” header, click “An existing Gradescope assignment” and then select the assignment to link from the dropdown menu.
    Link to Canvas Assignment window
  • After selecting the assignment, the Gradescope window will close; add any additional assignment details in Canvas and click Save and Publish at the bottom of the page.
  • Once the Canvas assignment is created, click the “Load Gradescope assignment in a new window” button to open the Gradescope assignment and verify the assignments are linked 
    “Load Gradescope assignment in a new window” button

2. Post Gradescope Grades to Canvas

  • When a Gradescope assignment is linked to a Canvas assignment, a button allowing you to post Grades will appear in the Review Grades area of the Gradescope assignment.
  • Click the Publish Grades button when you are finished grading and ready for students to access.
    publish grades button