Carnegie Mellon University

Physics leads you from the origins of the universe to the essence of your computer.

It encourages you to inquire into the nature of the smallest of the small particles and forces that build up our universe to the largest of the large astronomical objects in the universe.

Physics will prepare you for a wide variety of occupations whether you stop with a bachelor's degree or go on for further training in physics or other fields. Employers want our analytical and problem solving skills at all levels in their organizations.

Join us at Carnegie Mellon to study physics. Our program offers many options so you can pursue your own interests. You can join one of our research teams and work on the forefront of discovery. Our students are also very successful in finding research opportunities in summer internships.

Outside of the classroom, many physics majors engage in outreach efforts in the community surrounding the university. Our students have received Rhodes Scholarships, Goldwater Scholarships, and USA Today All-USA College Academic Team fellowships.

Contact our Director of Undergraduate Education, Gillian Lynn Ryan, for more information!