Carnegie Mellon University

Visiting the Physics Department

Where We Are

The Physics Department is located on the 6th, 7th, and 8th floors of Wean Hall on the Carnegie Mellon University main campus in the Oakland district of Pittsburgh. Our main departmental office is Wean Hall 7325 (7th floor). Our main phone number is (412) 268-6681.

Prospective Students

The Physics Department will be happy to speak with you about our programs! Schedule a meeting with our faculty and learn more about upcoming offerings. Courses of interest to prospective students include:
  • Introductory Physics Courses:
    • 33-121: Physics I for Science Students
    • 33-122: Physics II for Biological Sciences and Chemistry Students
    • 33-141: Physics I for Engineering Students
    • 33-142: Physics II for Engineering and Physics Students
    • 33-151: Matter and Interactions I
    • 33-152: Matter and Interactions II
    • 33-211: Physics III: Modern Essentials
  • Laboratory Courses:
    • 33-104: Experimental Physics
  • Elective Courses:
    • 33-114: Physics of Musical Sound
    • 33-115: Physics for Future Presidents
    • 33-120: Science and Science Fiction
To schedule a meeting or ask questions, please contact our friendly Academic Program Manager!