Carnegie Mellon University

Why Physics at CMU?

Carnegie Mellon combines world-class undergraduate physics education and research opportunities with a welcoming physics community and student support conventionally associated with smaller institutions. If you join us, you will puzzle about the Universe in the tradition of Newton, Einstein, and Curie while also gaining skills that will enable you to succeed in diverse fields ranging from finance to data science.

We strive to identify and answer fundamental questions about our universe and its constituents -- What is dark matter? What is dark energy? How do cells self-assemble and grow? Why do materials behave differently at the nanoscale than in bulk? What is the mass of a single neutrino? The urge to discover and to innovate has led to a detailed understanding of a remarkable variety of physical phenomena ranging from large-scale distribution of galaxies to the fundamental physics governing elementary particles. This ability to interpret the world around us and to synthesize its behavior into a small number of basic principles are key characteristics of modern human culture as developed over the course of the past several centuries.

As a physics major at CMU. . .

. . . you will become a member of our physics community. You may hang out between classes in our undergraduate physics lounge and join our chapter of the Society of Physics Students, Rocket Club, or our Astronomy Club. Academically, you will work to develop an understanding of physical principles and their application to many physical situations. Through rigorous coursework and opportunities for scholarly research you will develop powerful analytical, mathematical, computational, and laboratory skills.

As a physicist . . .

. . . you will be one of the world's best problem solvers and one who asks deep questions. You will receive individualized academic and professional advising and support, to prepare you to excel in your future.