Carnegie Mellon University

Placement After Graduation

A degree in physics at Carnegie Mellon University leads to many different places:

  • Graduate school in physics
  • Graduate school in other areas, such as other sciences, engineering, business, law, medicine, teaching
  • Excellent jobs in top high technology firms

Our recent graduating students went on to top graduate schools in Physics and related disciplines, such as:

  • Harvard: Applied Physics
  • Chicago: Astrophysics
  • Cornell: Physics
  • CalTech: Applied Physics
  • Mayo Clinic: Medical Physics
  • Princeton: Mech. Eng., Physics
  • Stanford: Physics, Geophysics
  • UC Berkeley (multiple): Physical Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science & Engineering

The MCS Career Center is a great resource for helping our students with placement into top firms after graduation. Our recent graduates found excellent jobs in industry, for example:

Recent Placement Details: