Carnegie Mellon University

Physics Undergraduate Program


The Physics Department at Carnegie Mellon University engages a diverse population of students, faculty, and researchers in searching for a deeper understanding of what our world is made of and how it works through active learning in the classroom and the laboratory. This community of learners contributes to their scientific colleagues, employers, and world by using the power of their distinctive quantitative methodology to solve novel, and complex problems.

We are committed to excellence in teaching both physics majors and students from other departments taking physics courses.

Learning Outcomes

A complete description of the program and degree requirements can be found in the Department of Physics Catalog. Other important features of our undergraduate program include undergraduate research, a strong support system for academic help and advising, an active community of social events and clubs, and resources to help you take the next step to industry or graduate school after completing the program.

Our friendly and dedicated Director of Undergraduate Affairs is always available to answer your questions, deal with your concerns, and offer advice when needed. Help with enrollment, benefits, and other red tape is available from our Academic Program Manager.


Physics Majors:

  • To satisfy our physics majors' basic curiosity about the nature of the universe, to inspire them to investigate and learn, and to encourage and expand their drive to understand the physics that governs nature and technology;
  • To instill in them the knowledge and skills that constitute a physicists unique approach to solving the diverse problems they will encounter in their academic and non-academic careers.

Non-Physics Majors:

  • To develop and maintain a set of introductory courses that provide the prerequisite knowledge of physics needed by non-majors in further work in their majors.

  • To develop and maintain a set of physics courses for non-majors that are exciting and informative and support the University's mission to produce students who can be leaders in our society.