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CMU Named Top Producer of Fulbright U.S. Students

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Peter Kerwin
University Communications & Marketing

Carnegie Mellon University was named a top producer of Fulbright U.S. students(opens in new window) by the U.S. Department of States' Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. In the academic year 2022-23, 10 students and recent alumni were selected for the international education program, which provides funding to teach English, pursue graduate studies or conduct research abroad.

Richelle Bernazzoli(opens in new window), director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholar Development(opens in new window) and the Fulbright program adviser at CMU, said that the Fulbright program is the premier academic exchange program for the United States, and part of an important legacy of citizen diplomacy.

"Fulbright was started by the U.S. Congress to send bright, talented Americans abroad for teaching, research and study as 'citizen diplomats,' so that people in other countries can experience some of the best of what U.S. society has to offer. The Fulbrighters, in turn, learn from their host communities," Bernazzoli said. "A lot of the students who excel in research and extracurriculars here at CMU are excellent candidates for Fulbright, and we see them thrive in their year abroad."

CMU has been a part of the Fulbright program since the inaugural class in 1949. Since then, 122 Tartans have been selected.

Therese Tardio(opens in new window), a teaching professor of Hispanic studies in CMU’s Department of Modern Languages(opens in new window), frequently refers students to Bernazzoli's office for help with Fulbright applications.

"It's a wonderful achievement for the university and a testament to the quality of our students that we were named a top producing school," Tardio said. "Many students that I've kept in touch with over the years who have gone on the Fulbright program have found it to be an incredibly impactful year, helping them to decide future career paths, or influencing their field of study in graduate school."

Tardio said that almost 50% of CMU undergraduate students, from all seven schools and colleges, take classes in the Department of Modern Languages.

"The Modern Languages Department shares some of the same goals of Fulbright, such as increasing intercultural awareness and facilitating communication across different cultures," she said. "Our classes not only teach students to speak other languages but deepen cultural understanding."

At CMU, the Fulbright competition is administered by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholar Development. According to the Fulbright program, Fulbright alumni have included 41 heads of state or government, 62 Nobel laureates, 89 Pulitzer Prize winners, 78 MacArthur Fellows and countless leaders and changemakers who carry forward the Fulbright mission of enhancing mutual understanding. 

Fulbright U.S. Student Program at CMU

The Fulbright U.S.student program provides an unparalleled opportunity to teach, study and conduct research in over 150 countries worldwide.

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