Technical Entrepreneur Coaching Hub (TECH)

Technical Entrepreneur Coaching Hub (TECH) is a program for mid-career engineers transitioning to a technical founder role. TECH’s curriculum prepares technical experts to launch and run an entrepreneurial (or intrapreneurial) endeavor around a technically innovative idea.

The TECH initiative is offered by the Information Networking Institute, part of the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Who should join TECH Executive Education?

Senior-level engineers, engineering managers, technical product managers who are ready to launch a startup (or intrapreneurial effort), and technical founders who want to build their skills and networks.

Why should I choose TECH Executive Education?

TECH’s curriculum is complementary to traditional entrepreneurship programs. TECH is an entrepreneurship program designed for engineers, by engineers who have launched, led, and advised startups. The program focuses on how to successfully execute the development of a product in a startup environment. Execution is absolutely critical when you are trying to bring a new technology to market, and we feel this is an area that is underserved by existing entrepreneurship programs.

You will still learn the basics of business strategy, markets, and finance for startups in TECH. However, the curriculum emphasizes the skills required for a technical founder role. An individual in the technical founder role leads the tactics and execution for a technologically differentiated startup. This complements the business founder role (managing the vision, strategy and finance) and domain expert role (understand the market). These roles can be filled by different people, or one person may fill multiple roles.


How will I benefit from TECH? 

  • You will develop the skills and confidence to successfully fill the technical founder role in a startup. These skills are also applicable to intrapreneurs within existing organizations.
  • You will build a network - in person - with your fellow classmates, successful technical founders, early stage venture capitalists, and other key resources in the startup ecosystem. 
  • You will receive mentoring and support, provided in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon’s Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship.

What should I expect if I join TECH Executive Education?

  • In-person instruction. We will meet at Carnegie Mellon’s Silicon Valley campus.
  • Innovative curriculum and small group discussions. Enrollment is limited to support a quality experience. Relevant case studies and prominent guest speakers will reveal best practices and potential pitfalls to avoid. 
  • Exercises to refine your execution plan. We will help you lay out a path that maximizes value creation within your resource constraints.. 
  • Individual coaching. You can work with mentors from TECH’s network of advisors, as well as Carnegie Mellon’s Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship.
  • TECH Executive Education Certificate. You can earn a certificate for satisfactory completion of TECH, as well as access to the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship programs as a TECH alumnus.

Who is behind TECH? 

The Information Networking Institute (INI) at Carnegie Mellon University is driving the TECH initiative, in collaboration with experienced founders, venture capitalists, and other stakeholders within Carnegie Mellon. 

Carnegie Mellon University Faculty

TECH Advisory Board