Carnegie Mellon University
January 15, 2015

Alumna Reflects on the INI Anniversary in Letter to Today Magazine

"Anniversary Wishes"

Carnegie Mellon, I’m writing to make sure everyone is aware that CMU's Information Networking Institute (INI) will mark 25 years in April. As an alumna, I feel like a proud child and a proud parent at the same time. Child: because I came from the INI, and parent: because I represent the INI through whatever I do wherever I go.

I still remember working on my graduation speech—and talking about how our school had empowered us with "a curious mind"—committing to innovation and excellence and dreaming about "walking to the sky" (just like the sculpture on campus). I reflect back and wonder whether my outlook toward life has changed over the years. Perhaps a few grey hairs now, but I find myself to be the same person I was when I wore that graduation gown. Like our famous CMU Fence—I am fundamentally still the same Fence with multiple new coats of paints: experiences and applications. My years at CMU shaped the way I think. In fact, CMU has become an integral part of who I am. The INI offered us global, multidisciplinary, world-class education; an opportunity to use technology expertise to solve business challenges; and platforms to meet exceptionally talented colleagues on campus as well as outside. Those were the essential tools needed for the journey ahead.

I am very excited about getting together with the INI community of alumni and friends, across the Pittsburgh, Silicon Valley, Greece, and Japan campuses, to celebrate our 25th anniversary in April. I look forward to reconnecting with the gang, walking our campus, hanging out in Shadyside, and, in the process, refueling our "curious minds"—as we get ready to shape the next 25 years ahead.

—Aditi Pendharkar, INI’09, London, United Kingdom

This letter was originally published in Carnegie Mellon Today alumni magazine, January 2015.