Carnegie Mellon University

Pei Zhang

Pei Zhang

Associate Research Professor, INI, CyLab and ECE

#222, Building 23, Silicon Valley Campus


Pei Zhang is an associate research professor in the INI and ECE departments at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). In addition to numerous publications, his work has received many awards including several Best Demo Awards and Young Faculty grants. Furthermore, his work has been featured in popular media including the Discovery channel, CBS, Popular Science, etc. His primary research interest is in ubiquitous embedded systems through inter/intra system collaboration



Bachelor's degree with honors from California Institute of Technology in 2002

Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University in 2008


While at Princeton University, Pei developed the ZebraNet system, which is used to track zebras in Kenya. It was the first deployed, wireless, ad- hoc, mobile sensor network.

Currently his work includes SensorFly, which focus on groups of autonomous miniature-helicopter based sensor nodes with minimalistic capabilities. 

Collaboration in Embedded Systems and Mobile Sensor Networks

  • Wireless ad-hoc mobile sensor networks
  • Distributed sensing and processing in heterogeneous devices
  • Interactions between heterogeneous embedded systems
  • Controlled mobility in mobile systems
  • Failure tolerance