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Welcome New Students

September 10, 2019

Welcome, Change Makers

By Elizabeth Donaldson

In August, the Integrated Innovation Institute welcomed eighty-five new students to its campuses in Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley. These new students are part of the largest and most diverse cohorts in iii history, and will spend the forthcoming semesters taking on new projects, connecting with corporate sponsors, refining their expertise, and building their network. 

Get to know our newest cohorts

Throughout the coming classes, 11 countries are represented.
bar graph of years of experience

Nearly 300 years of work experience

Together, the newest students have nearly three centuries of professional experience.


top undergraduate degrees

An academic array

Of the sixty-eight survey participants, our newest students come from over twenty-five different areas of study. This graphic illustrates the ten most popular undergraduate degrees among the newest students.


New Student Interest Chart

Balanced expertise

The 2020 classes of Master of Integrated Innovation for Products and Services (MIIPS) and MIIPS Advanced Study students showcase diverse yet balanced backgrounds in the fields of design, business, and engineering. 

Meet our students

Eileen Wang (MIIPS Advanced Study '20)

"I'm really looking forward to my User Research class, learning how to design smart systems, and working with a lot of people who are very different from me."

Dhairyya Agarwal (MSSM '20)

"I'm here at CMU to improve my product management skills and to learn the newest technologies: AI, ML, IoT, and Blockchain."

Andrew Plesniak (MSTV '21)

"I am excited to learn more business skills to complement my technical background. I hope to start a technology business shortly after graduation."