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Class of 2019 Master's Essay

December 13, 2019

Exploring Opportunities for Innovation

By Elizabeth Donaldson

For sixteen months, Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services - Advanced Study students are immersed in the academic study and industrial application of innovation processes. 

During their final semester, each student dives into a topic of their choosing and investigates current innovation strategies or proposes their own theories for the master's essay project. Upon graduation, MIIPS Advanced Study students present their findings at an annual poster session, inviting faculty, staff, classmates, and friends to explore new topics and opportunities in innovation. 

Master's Essays poster session on December 6, 2019 

As a program designed around tenets of interdisciplinary study and collaborative project work, the MIIPS Advanced Study master's essay is one of the few highly personalized independent projects of the degree. The master's essay is an exercise in applying the research skills and practices gained throughout the MIIPS experience for a rich and refined argument.

Often, master's essays topics are culiminations of academic work and insights gained from the summer internship experience.

Review master's essay topics by exploring research areas:

Virtual Digital Assistants for Enterprise Applications

Mirror Mirror, Who is the Fairest of Them All? Image Dataset Curation to Mitigate Harmful Bias for Machine Learning Applications

Zhuoran Gao Sisi Yu

Strategizing Intellectual Property: A Study of Legal and Non-legal IP Management Strategies for Tech Startups

Product Manager in Unconventional Digital Product Industry: The Promoter of Interdisciplinarity

Vaibhav Gupta QC Yang

Finding the Pathway to Effectively Introduce Design Thinking to an Organization

Satyan Chawla

A Survey Paper on The Personification of Data Points on Social Media Applications from a Legal and a User Experience Standpoint

Consumer's openness towards sharing private information in webmosphere

Sara Al-Megbel Seema Bansal

How Can Pervasive Computing Provide The Context-rich Data Needed To Detect Latent Needs And Forecast Trends

Karan Naik

Organizational Structure in Human-Robot Collaboration and Factors Influencing Their Collaboration

Designing for the Sixth Sense in Human Product Interactions

Rhea Pandey Gaurav Asthana

How can IoT last longer: multi-level perspectives on IoT sustainability


David Lin

“Does Artificial Intelligence Dream of Generative Sheep?” Exploring the Possibilities of Human-Computer Creative Complex Through Art

Computational Photography: Friend or Foe to the Photographic Landscape?

Cem Ergin Shawn Koid

Augmented Reality: the Main Mobile Computing Devices in the Next Decade and the Tech Landscape

Rippen Liu

Environmental Sustainability

Morphing Hydrogels Can Revive the Marine Ecosystem

Harvest-to-Order: Reimagining Local Farm-to-Fork Logistics Using Ride-Sharing Service Models

Harshika Jain Yool Park

Research on Innovation on AI-driven Applications Large-scale Agriculture Industry

Xiaowen Xu

Human Enrichment

I Am Autistic, But I Can Talk to You in A Different Way - How Brain-computer Interface Can Assist Autistic Individuals

Designing for Trust and Sharing Economy: Through the Lens of a Mobile Application that Fosters Interpersonal Connections Offline

Melanie Zang Jo Zhouzheng


User-focused Approach to Increase the Adoption of First and Last-mile Transportation

The Innovation of Micromobility Solutions for Senior Citizens and Persons of Disability in the Context of Smart City Transportation Ecosystems

Vedhaviyas Gopalakrishnan Brian Xiao

Mobility as a Service: Why and How It Will Reduce Car Ownership?

Menghan Zhang

Analyzing the Enhancement of Mobile User Engagement Through the Optimization of User Actions, Psychological Rewards, and Time Investment

Design Frameworks for the Subscription-based Apps Must Evolve to Meet the Needs of the Growing Voice-based Platforms

Tejas Kashyap Ranveer Katyal

Interaction Design in Current Technologies for Fertility Products

Mixed-method User Research in Applied Settings: a Modern Approach to Guide Business

Silja Li Jingtong Liu

User Experience Design for Smart Home Products

Gamification e-learning experience: Meaningful interactions in micro-courses

Silja Wang Xiaohan Wu

Integrate User Experience Design within Agile Environment for Transformation of Traditional Companies

Yifan Zhu