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Master's Essay, Class of 2017

December 11, 2017

Mastering Innovation: Essays from the Class of 2017

By Allison Hodsdon

In their final semester, students of the Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services - Advanced Study program deliver a master's essay, delving into complex innovation problems with an impact on our future. To share their findings, MIIPS Advanced students presented their work during a poster session at the Integrated Innovation Institute.

Expore the master's essays from our MIIPS Advanced Study graduates, Class of 2017:

Christian Alexandra Baca

Gendering of Products in the Toy Industry

Mark Andrew James Byrne

How will interaction design principles evolve to meet the future trends of ubiquitous computing?

Aditi Chalisgaonkar

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in Indian Schools

Jamie K. Curran

Product Design vs Consumerism. Exploring the Ethical Product Designer’s Relationship with Our Consumerist Culture

Runzi Jack Gao

Innovation vs. Imitation for Successful Businesses

Yifei He

E-commerce web design – a study in Japanese online shopping and local culture

Menghui Hu

Implementation of front-end language in web user experience design

Pengyuan Huang

Future of Input Technologies for Mixed Reality Applications

Daksh Jayaswal

Leveraging Historical Designs to Solve for the Future

Dennie Vance Jones

An Introductory Assessment of the Relationship between Private Sector Innovation and Metropolitan Region Demographic Factors

Alok Suhas Joshi

Design of feedback mechanisms for Internet of Things (IoT) devices to mitigate the user’s problems that inhibit their widespread adoption

Sujay Kotwal

Innovation in digital media technology

Xuejiao Liu

How can design thinking be better integrated with business practices to improve outcomes for e-commerce enterprises?

Ammani Nair

The Future of Responsive Architecture

Haorong Ou

Research on Market Innovation Strategies Based on Different Product Life Cycle and Product Models

Hardik Patel

User-Centered Research and the Fashion Industry

Ananda Annisa Prasetyanto

The Importance of User-Centered Approach to Develop a Successful Service Design: A Case Study of the Failure of QampoengQoe Delivery Service

Rebecca Radparvar

The Convergence of Theater & Human-Centered Design

Reggie Raye

Mid-Term Effects of AI on G7 Labor Markets. Or, an Entrepreneur’s Guide to the 21st Century

Surabhi Sakhalkar

Re-evaluating strategies for curbing self-inflicted gun suicides: How can designers save lives?

Vagisha Singh

Changing user interaction for the future of mobility – Autonomous Ridesharing Vehicles

Ran Tao

Infrastructural Ecosystem for the Survival of Innovation-based Startups

Jacob Thomas Davidson

Horses, Motorcycles, Segway. What’s next?

Shuang Wendy Wei

Enhancing Products with Big Data Mindset

Guanqiao Yin

How real does the prototype need to be in order to test it with users?

Yifei Yin

Designing augmented reality interfaces

Brandon Zepeda

Parent-child Play and the Internet of Toys

Meilin Zhang

How to Avoid Investing in Internet of Stupid Home

Ke Zheng

Designing digital information display: A new direction to mitigate information overload