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Alumni Spotlight - Nilesh Jain (MSSM '09)

Launching New Ventures, Improving the Quality of Life

Nilesh Jain (MSSM ’09) has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, with much of his career focused on investing in smart technologies capable of improving the quality of life for people around the world.

He is passionate about mentoring start-ups to grow on a global scale and continues that work as an angel investor in Mumbai.  Jain has co-founded more than five companies, including PicoStone Technologies, SugarFighter, and CliniVantage.

CliniVantage delivers comprehensive solutions to healthcare stakeholders by integrating operational, clinical, administration, financial, and consumer-centric services in one platform. It is revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals engage with patients and changes the way consumers access healthcare.

Jain is also the managing director of the Harm Reduction Research & Innovation Center (HRRIC), which he established in 2019. It is dedicated to reducing the harm caused by substance abuse and is the leading organization to establish protocols for testing smokeless tobacco in India.

Jain has participated on the committee for Health & Nutrition, established by the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), and joined “Champions of Change,” a team formed by the Prime Minister of India to establish the next generation of entrepreneurs that will accelerate innovation to positively impact the people of India.

The Integrated Innovation Experience

Jain believes that completing the Master of Science in Software Management program through the Integrated Innovation Institute was a major asset to his career and enhanced his ability to direct startup teams: “I tell my friends, the exposure and learning environment that CMU offers is one of a kind. I came to Carnegie Mellon University looking to sharpen my computer management skills with an entrepreneurial edge. The curriculum has helped me understand what it takes to manage technology programs. It has provided me with the confidence to become a leader, managing companies with complex technology by defining strategies and executing the same with high performance teams.”