Carnegie Mellon University

Affiliated Faculty

EST&P students are engaged in energy related research and educational activities across Carnegie Mellon University. Faculty members who have taught an EST&P core course or an energy specific disciplinary concentration course, or who have supervised energy specific projects under the 39-660 Masters EST&P Project course, are are listed below in different sections: EST&P core, engineering disciplinary departments, and other affiliated faculty. For those interested in additional faculty engaged in energy related research across the university, please visit the Scott Institute for Energy Innovation's energy experts webpage.

Andrew Gellman (CHE)
06-702 Advanced Reaction Kinetics
06-705 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

John Kitchin (CHE)
06-623 Mathematical Modeling of Chemical Engineering Processes
(Previously) 06-625 Chemical and Reactive Systems

Zachary Ulissi (CHE)
06-625 Chemical and Reactive Systems

Lynn Walker (CHE)
06-663 Analysis and Modeling of Transport Phenomena

Grigorios Panagakos (CHE Project Scientist/Engineer)
06-663 Analysis and Modeling of Transport Phenomena

Aditya Khair (CHE)
06-703 Advanced Fluid Dynamics
06-704 Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer
06-713 Mathematical Techniques in Chemical Engineering

Peter Adams (CEE/EPP)
Climatic effects, air quality, atmospheric chemistry

Mario Berges (CEE)
Infrastructure monitoring, building energy management

Jared L. Cohon (CMU President Emeritus & CEE)
Energy, environment, water systems & policy

David Dzombak (CEE Professor & Dept. Head)
Water management, energy & environment

Chris Hendrickson (CEE/EPP)
Environmental systems; sustainability

H. Scott Matthews (CEE/EPP)
Life cycle management of energy infrastructure

Costa Samaras (CEE)
39-611 Energy Demand & Utilization
(read Prof Samaras's personal profile)

Mitchell Small (CEE/EPP)
Modeling environmental systems, environmental statistics, risk assessment, & decision support

Jovan Ilic (ECE)
39-660 Masters EST&P Project

Larry Pileggi (ECE Professor & Dept. Head)
39-660 Masters EST&P Project

Barry Rawn (ECE Associate Teaching Professor)
39-660 Masters EST&P Project

Jay Apt (Tepper/EPP)
Electric power technologies and markets; Director, CMU Electricity Industry Center

Paulina Jaramillo (EPP)
Executive Director of RenewElec Project

M. Granger Morgan (EPP)
Policy & risk in energy systems and climate change

Nicholas Muller (EPP/Tepper)
39-612 Energy Policy & Economics
(read Prof Muller's personal profile)

Edward Rubin (EPP/MEG)
modeling of energy & environmental systems; climate change mitigation & policy

Parth Vaishnav (EPP)
Energy and the environment; climate change, air pollution, regulation of new technologies, additive manufacturing, ocean shipping, aviation

Haibo Zhai (EPP)
Modeling & analysis of fossil fuel generation; air pollution, carbon capture, energy-water nexus

Warren Garrison (MSE)
27-727 Mechanical Behavior in Extreme Environments

Michael McHenry (MSE)
27-722 Basics and Applications of Power Magnetic Devices

P. Chris Pistorius (MSE)
27-721 Processing Design

Lisa Porter (MSE)
27-729 Solid State Devices for Energy Conversion

Anthony Rollett (MSE)
27-725 Materials for Nuclear Energy Systems

Paul Salvador (MSE / EST&P Director)
39-610 Energy Conversion & Supply
27-728 Materials for Future Energy Systems
(read Prof. Salvador's personal profile)

Bryan Webler (MSE)
27-702 Metal-Environment Reactions

Jay Whitacre (MSE / EPP / SIEI)
27-700 S.T. Energy Storage Materials and Systems
27-724 Materials for Energy Storage
39-660 Masters EST&P Project
(Previously) 39-612 Energy Policy & Economics

William Epting (Adjunct Instructor MEG / NETL)
24-642 Fuel Cell Systems
(Previously) 24-722 Energy System Modeling

Shawn Litster (MEG)
39-660 Masters EST&P Project
(Previously) 24-722 Energy System Modeling
(Previously) 24-642 Fuel Cell Systems

Jonathan Malen (MEG)
24-628 Energy Transport and Conversion at the Nanoscale
(Previously) 24-730 Advanced Heat Transfer

Albert Presto (MEG)
24-740 Combustion and Air Pollution Control
39-660 Masters EST&P Project 

Allen Robinson (MEG/EPP Prof. & MechE Dept. Head)
24-640 Climate Change Mitigation

Sheng Shen (MEG)
24-730 Advanced Heat Transfer
24-629 Direct Solar and Thermal Energy Conversion
39-660 Masters EST&P Project

Nicholas Siefert (Adjunct Instructor/NETL)
24-722 Energy System Modeling
24-642 Fuel Cell Systems

Satbir Singh (MEG)
24-618 Computational Analysis of Transport Phenomena
24-718 Computational Fluid Dynamics
39-660 Masters EST&P Project

Ryan Sullivan (MEG/CHE)
(Previously) 24-626 Air Quality Engineering

Venkat Viswanathan (MEG)
24-643 S.T. Energy Storage Materials and Systems
39-660 Masters EST&P Project

Carnegie Mellon University faculty members from outside the College of Engineering are also actively teaching energy related courses and supervise energy specific projects in which EST&P students participate. The list below is a non-exhaustive sampling of faculty who have an energy focus.

Nina Baird (ARCH)
39-660 Masters EST&P Project

Christopher I. Telmer (Tepper)
45-928 Energy Finance

Panayiotis (Panos) Moutis (SIEI/CIT/Tepper)
19-656(B1) S.T.: Current Issues in EPP-Optimization Applications in Power Systems