Carnegie Mellon University

Affiliated Faculty

Founding Director

David Landis (Former Director, EST&P)

Chemical Engineering

Andrew Gellman (CHE: catalytic surfaces and experimental surface science)

John Kitchin (CHE: energy & environmental application of electrochemistry)

Robert Tilton (CHE/BME: complex fluid interfaces, emulsions and dispersions, environmental nanotechnologies)

Lynn Walker (CHE: Nano scale structure & interfaces of complex fluid systems)

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Peter Adams (CEE/EPP: climatic effects, air quality, atmospheric chemistry)

Mario Berges (CEE: infrastructure monitoring, building energy management)

Jared L. Cohon (CMU President Emeritus & CEE: energy, environment, water systems & policy)

David Dzombak (CEE Professor & Dept. Head: water management, energy & environment)

Chris Hendrickson (CEE/EPP: environmental systems; sustainability)

H. Scott Matthews (CEE/EPP: life cycle management of energy infrastructure)

Costa Samaras - (CEE: energy technology & infrastructure system designs; teaches EST&P core course 39-611 Energy Demand & Utilization (read Prof Samaras's personal profile))

Mitchell Small (CEE/EPP: modeling environmental systems, environmental statistics, risk assessment, & decision support)

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Jovan Ilic (ECE: electric power systems and economics; classical and renewable energy conversion)

Anthony Rowe (ECE: embedded systems, low-power wireless, sensor networks, smart grid)

Elias Towe (ECE/MSE: photovoltaics, multi-spectral solar energy conversion devices)

Engineering & Public Policy

Jay Apt (Tepper/EPP: electric power technologies and markets; Director, CMU Electricity Industry Center)

Ines Azevedo (EPP Climate and Energy Decision-Making)

Paulina Jaramillo (EPP: Executive Director of RenewElec Project)

M. Granger Morgan (EPP: policy & risk in energy systems and climate change)

Nicholas Muller (EPP/Tepper: energy & economics; air pollution; teaches EST&P core course 39-612 Energy Policy & Economics (read Prof Muller's personal profile))

Edward Rubin (EPP/MEG: modeling of energy & environmental systems; climate change mitigation & policy)

Parth Vaishnav (EPP: energy and the environment; climate change, air pollution, regulation of new technologies, additive manufacturing, ocean shipping, aviation)

Gabrielle Wong-Parodi (EPP: energy resources; climate change, adaptation, mitigation, sustainability & resiliency)

Haibo Zhai (EPP: modeling & analysis of fossil fuel generation; air pollution, carbon capture, energy-water nexus)

Materials Science & Engineering

Robert Davis (MSE: wide bandgap electronic materials, LEDs, solar cells, energy saving applications)

Michael McHenry (MSE: magnetic materials; energy efficiency)

Paul Ohodnicki (MSE adjunct/NETL: functional materials for sensors & power electronic devices)

Yoosuf Picard - (MSE: electron microscopy; previously taught EST&P core course 39-610 Energy Conversion & Supply (read Prof Picard's personal profile))

Lisa Porter (MSE: electronic device microstructure; photovoltaics)

Gregory Rohrer (MSE: Dept Head, photolysis catalysis, materials for photolytic production of hydrogen)

Paul Salvador (MSE/EST&P Interim Director: thin film synthesis, solid oxide fuel cells; teaches EST&P core course 39-610 Energy Conversion & Supply (read Prof. Salvador's personal profile))

Jay Whitacre - (MSE/EPP/SIEI: energy storage and generation; teaches EST&P core course 39-612 Energy Policy & Economics (read Prof Whitacre's personal profile))

Mechanical Engineering

Shawn Litster (MEG: fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, fuel cells)

Jonathan Malen (MEG: heat transfer, nanoscale transport, improved energy conversion, storage & efficiency)

Albert Presto (MEG: pollutant emissions from energy extraction and consumption)

Allen Robinson (MEG/EPP Prof. & MechE Dept. Head: energy system emissions impact on air quality & climate)

Sheng Shen (MEG: nanophotonics, micro/nano scale heat transfer, solar/thermal energy conversion)

Satbir Singh (MEG: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Combustion and Air Quality, Energy Efficiency)

Venkat Viswanathan (MEG: material design; inorganic / organic / bio-materials for energy conversion & storage)

Kate Whitefoot (MEG/EPP: sustainable design, transportation & manufacturing systems, energy & innovation policy)