Carnegie Mellon University
Disciplinary concentration in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Engineering Concentration in
Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

To complete the Engineering Concentration in CEE, students must successfully complete
36 units of approved CEE graduate-level courses.

  • Pre-approved courses are given in the list below.
  • Appropriate alternative courses must be approved by the EST&P program and CEE department.
CEE Concentration
Students must take 36 units of concentration electives.
Semester Units


Probability and Estimation Methods for Engineering Systems

Fall 12


Civil Systems Investment Planning and Pricing

Fall 12


Sustainable Engineering Principles

Fall 12


Environmental Life Cycle Assessment

Spring 12


Data Acquisition

Mini 1 6


Data Management

Mini 2 6


Advanced Infrastructure Systems Project

Spring 12


Sustainable Buildings

Mini 1 6
12-749 Climate Change Adaptation Spring 6


Infrastructure Management

Spring 12
12-751 / 651 Air Quality Engineering Spring 12 / 9
12-752 Data-Driven Building Energy Management Mini 2 6

Sensing and Data Mining for Smart Structures and Systems

Spring 12
12-766 Climate Change Science and Solutions Fall 12

Graduate engineering classes are generally offered once per year, though they may be taught less frequently.
Mini numbers denote the order of these half-semester sessions: 1 & 2 are in the fall and 3 & 4 in the spring.
Special Topics classes (S.T.) are new or infrequent classes that may not be regularly scheduled.
For course descriptions, search
CMU's Schedule of Classes .