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All students who begin an Applied Study Degree in the Spring are eligible to do an off-campus internship in the Summer, after completing one semester. All students starting in the Fall in any of our standard degree programs are eligible to do an off-campus internship in the Summer, after completing two semesters.

Application Requirements:

  • Online application form*
  • Selection of Degree
  • Selection of Engineering Concentration
  • Uploaded unofficial transcript- official transcripts are required upon admission
  • Official TOEFL, IELTS, Or DuoLingo English Test scores for non-native English speakers**
  • Uploaded resume/CV
  • Three letters of recommendation***
  • 4 required essay questions

Please note:
* The EST&P Program DOES NOT have an application fee.
** Test scores are only considered official if they are received directly from the testing center.
See our FAQ for score delivery instructions or waiver possibilities.
*** Recommender contact information should be entered in your online application.
Recommenders are provided with a link to answer questions and upload a letter to your online application.

Application Review Process

Applications and admission decisions to EST&P are managed independently from the other College of Engineering programs and departments.

The application review process begins shortly after the application deadline. All applications must be submitted through our online application system by the application deadline. Supplemental materials such as official test scores and letters of recommendations can be received after the application deadline.

Checking the status of your application

Please sign into your graduate application to check the status. This site is updated when material is received and decisions are made, so please feel free to check your status frequently during peak admission season.

CMU Undergraduates

EST&P only grants MS degrees, so we do not have a formal Integrated Master's/Bachelor's (IMB) Degree option. However, we offer an expedited admission process for CMU undergraduates. We also request two letters of recommendation, but we have a simplified process for CMU faculty recommendations. Interested CMU undergraduates are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with an EST&P advisor, discuss your goals and interests, and learn the full details of the expedited application process.

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