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Applied Study

The two Applied Study EST&P Degrees (EST&P-APS and EST&P-AAS) build directly off one of the two Foundational Degrees (respectively EST&P and EST&P-ADS) by integrating Career and Professional Development and a Summer Internship formally into the curricula. Applied Study prepares students for and provides experience in applying engineering, professional, and communication skills to applied problems in an industrial or research setting.

Applied Study adds an additional six units to the total units of the appropriate Foundational Degree. Two units are related to an internship experience over the summer between two full time semesters, three units correspond to a professional development course taken before the internship, and one unit is related to an internship follow-up course after the internship. The relationships between degrees is described in the Degree Comparison pages.

The six units are broken down into 3 unit components and described in more detail below.

Career and Professional Development (3 units)
Applied Study students must complete (with a passing grade) the 3 unit course 39-699 - Career & Professional Development for Engineering Masters Students

This professional development course is designed to engage, educate and empower engineering Master’s Students to create and manage career opportunities, as well as to develop the professional skills necessary to be successful in a job search and internship/first year of employment. Assignments are actionable and relevant to immediate career aspirations of participants, enabling students to immediately apply classroom learning. Assignments and active classroom participation will determine pass/fail grade.

This course is taught by members of CMU’s Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC), which also provides numerous career preparation resources to all EST&P students.

Note that all EST&P students are strongly encouraged to take this 3 unit course.

Summer Internship (2 units) and Fall Internship Follow-up (1 unit)
Students in the Applied Study degree programs must complete 2 units of 39-661 - Masters EST&P Internship and 1 unit of 39-662 - Communication of EST&P Internship Experience.

A student must register for 2 units of EST&P Internship (39-661) during the summer semester of their internship. To count towards the degree requirements, project / course supervision must be provided by an EST&P advisor or affiliated faculty member, a final report must be submitted, and a factorable letter grade must be assigned.

The internship must be carried out between two full time semesters. Thus, the two semester EST&P-APS degree has a Spring-only starting term.

An internship counted for the Applied Study internship requirement may not be used toward the Energy Projects Concentration requirement.