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EST&P Faculty & Staff

David Landis - Executive Director, EST&P; Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University, teaches EST&P core course 39-613 Energy Transport and Storage (read Dr. Landis's personal profile)

Paul Salvador - Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, PhD. Northwestern University, teaches EST&P core course 39-610 Energy Conversion and Supply

Costa Samaras - Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, PhD. Carnegie Mellon University, teaches EST&P core course 39-611 Energy Demand and Utilization (read Dr. Samaras's personal profile)

Nora Siewiorek - Associate Director, EST&P; MSIS University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D. in progress (Nora's contact info)

Jay Whitacre - Director, Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation, Trustee Professor in Energy, Elia Development Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Engineering & Public Policy, Ph.D. University of Michigan, teaches EST&P core course 39-612 Energy Policy and Economics (read Dr. Whitacre's personal profile)