Carnegie Mellon University
Energy Demand and Utilization

39-611 Energy Demand & Utilization

Professor Michael Blackhurst


This course examines how human demands for energy have evolved over time and how they differ across nations. The course begins from a historical perspective and proceeds to an evaluation of present demand and synthesis of future projections. The course focuses on the technologies used in the different sectors: housing, commerce, food, industry and transportation. Students successfully completing this course will become familiar with a variety of tools for energy analysis and measurement, including some fundamentals of economic analysis, energy efficiency, and demand response. We will also analyze strategies for inducing the adoption of efficient technologies and consumption.


No  specific  textbook(s)  required.  Recommended  sources  are:
 [1] L. D. D. Harvey, Energy and the New Reality 1: Energy Efficiency and  the Demand for Energy Services. Earthscan Publications Ltd., 2010.
[2] F. Vanek and L. Albright, Energy Systems Engineering: Evaluation and  Implementation, 1st ed. McGraw-Hill Professional, 2008.
[3] G. Boyle, B. Everett, and J. Ramage, Energy Systems and  Sustainability. Oxford University Press, USA, 2003.

Course Topics:

  1.     Introduction
  2.     History of Energy Demand
  3.     Energy Demand Today and Tomorrow
  4.     Tools for Analyzing the Demand
  5.     Energy Demand of Human Shelters
  6.     The Demand for Electricity
  7.     Energy Demand of Transportation and Industry
  8.     Energy Demand of Municipal Services and Food
  9.     Spec.Topic. (e.g. AC Power and the Energy Demand)
  10.     Guest Lect. (e.g. Life Cycle Assessment and Levelized Cost)
  11.     Energy Audits for Buildings
  12.     Project Presentations: Transportation/Industry
  13.     Project Presentations: Human Shelters/Food