Carnegie Mellon University

International Application Guide

If you are an international student (non-United States citizen) considering applying to EST&P, or you have already been admitted to the program, this section is offered as a resource to guide you with supplemental information.

International students are a valuable component of the EST&P graduate student cohort. Energy issues are global, and the shared global perspectives of our multi-national student body help enrich our studies. In the EST&P programs, approximately 85% of master’s students are not United States (U.S.) citizens. This diversity makes important contributions to the wider Carnegie Mellon (CMU) community, enriching campus life and the academic experience.

The opportunities and degree requirements for international and U.S. students are the same. However, there are some additional requirements that international students must fulfill in applying, transitioning, and attending a graduate program and to work in the United States.

The goal of these pages is to assist you by answering questions that previous international students have raised, and to offer you some insight into the EST&P program policies and expectations. Our hope is that this will better prepare you on your journey to CMU, through the EST&P program, CMU campus student life, and to a rewarding career in the energy sector upon graduation.

It is the intention that this section will provide everything you need to know as an international student. At CMU most of the International student guidelines are governed by the Office of International Education (OIE) and the Office of Graduate Education. For a more comprehensive overview and the most up-to-date information, please visit: