Carnegie Mellon University

Energy Core

EST&P Core CoursesFour required energy core mini-courses provide the foundation for understanding all aspects of interdisciplinary energy engineering, especially energy supply, conversion, transport, storage, demand, utilization, policy, and economics. The inter-relationships of these topics are discussed throughout the core, as are current topics connecting them. All degrees in EST&P build up from these core topics. Also in the core courses, students participate in multidisciplinary teams to understand and develop solutions to energy problems, present results and write reports, engage in active discussions with faculty and your fellow students.

For detailed information on each of the Energy Core mini-courses:

    39-610 Energy Conversion and Supply (6 units - A1)
    39-613 Energy Transport and Storage (6 units - A2)
    39-611 Energy Demand and Utilization (6 units - A3)
    39-612 Energy Policy and Economics (6 units - A4)

As part of strategic partnerships with other CMU programs, selected non-EST&P students also participate in the energy core courses. These include graduate students from our partner departments within the College of Engineering, from the Heinz College Public Policy & Management Program (Energy Systems & Public Policy Concentration), from the Tepper School of Business (Energy and Sustainability MBA Track).