Carnegie Mellon University

Tuition & Financial Aid

EST&P tuition is charged at the standard College of Engineering (Carnegie Institute of Technology or CIT) master’s degree rate, and students are billed each semester for one-half of the academic year graduate tuition. An EST&P student will complete the program in one academic year paying for two semesters of full-time tuition, and an EST&P-AS degree student will pay for three semesters. The full cost of attendance is estimated for the College of Engineering (CIT) by including activity & technology fees, transportation, off-campus housing, health insurance, etc. on the Hub website Itemized CIT Cost of Attendance page.

EST&P is a coursework based professional Master of Science program and students are primarily self-funded through personal savings and educational loans, or externally funded through government or private fellowships or by their employer. 

All applicants to the EST&P program are considered for an alumni scholarship by the admissions committee at the time of admission review, which at this time is the only minimal financial support offered through the program (~20% reduction in tuition). Selected applicants would be notified in their offer of admission letter. Masters students are encouraged to apply for external funding. 

For in-depth financial aid/scholarship information and resources, please review FAQ #6. (Scroll towards the bottom for International resources).