Carnegie Mellon University

Engineering Concentrations

All EST&P students must complete 36 units within one of six Engineering Concentrations.
Advanced Study students may complete their Advanced Study Concentration by satisfying 36 units within a second of the six Engineering Concentrations.

Courses that satisfy the requirements for the Engineering Concentration include disciplinary core courses and energy related electives. Tables of approved courses permitted to satisfy each of the six engineering concentrations are available via the following hyperlinks:

    Engineering Concentration in Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE)
    Engineering Concentration in Chemical Engineering (CHE)
    Engineering Concentration in Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
    Engineering Concentration in Engineering & Public Policy (EPP)
    Engineering Concentration in Mechanical Engineering (MEG)
    Engineering Concentration in Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)

Engineering Concentration courses offered for Fall 2022

For specific course descriptions, search the CMU Schedule of Classes

Note that concentrations are not listed on students' transcripts or diplomas.