Carnegie Mellon University

Engineering Concentrations

You select an appropriate EST&P Engineering Concentration when applying for admission. The choice should align with your professional goals and should take into consideration your undergraduate degree preparation. Each concentration is associated with a CMU engineering department that specifies those courses permitted to meet their engineering concentration.

As an EST&P student, you are a member of the EST&P program and your MS degree will be awarded by the College of Engineering. EST&P students are not enrolled in a degree program awarded from their engineering concentration department, and the concentration is not listed on the awarded diplomas.

All EST&P students take roughly a third of the base EST&P coursework (36 of 96 units) from a chosen Engineering Concentration. Advanced Study students may complete their 36 unit Advanced Study Concentration by satisfying a second chosen Engineering Concentration. Tables of approved courses permitted to satisfy each of the six engineering concentrations are available via the following hyperlinks:

    Engineering concentration in Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE)
    Engineering concentration in Chemical Engineering (CHE)
    Engineering concentration in Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
    Engineering concentration in Engineering & Public Policy (EPP)
    Engineering concentration in Mechanical Engineering (MEG)
    Engineering concentration in Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)

Engineering Concentration courses offered for Fall 2022

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