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Meet the 2021-2022 ACS Scholars

Tomorrow’s leaders are supported by Andrew Carnegie Society members today 

By Joyce DeFrancesco

They immerse themselves in the arts and sciences. They study the inner workings of computers and the brain. They score goals, crunch numbers and smash boundaries. They are the 2021-2022 ACS Scholars.  

Chosen each year by the university’s deans and department heads, this elite group of 40 Carnegie Mellon University undergraduate seniors represent the top 2% of their graduating class. They are models of service and leadership for their class with each scholar receiving a monetary award to advance their learning and career goals from an endowed fund established by generous ACS members. 

"The ACS Scholars are the best and the brightest, having been chosen for academic achievement, community activities and campus leadership. I admire their talent, work ethic and service to others."

Don Carter,
1967 graduate of the College of Fine Arts, CMU faculty member and
Andrew Carnegie Society Board member who serves as one of the mentors to these students

Did You Know?  ACS members have provided 105 ACS Legacy scholarships to students in 2021-2022. 

Carmel Baharav

School of Computer Science  - Computer Science 
Palo Alto, California 

Future Plans: I will be pursuing a two-year research M.Sc. in computer science in either Germany or Switzerland! 

Sydney Barlow
Dietrich College  - Psychology  
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Future Plans: Medical school  

Esther Bedoyan

College of Engineering - Electrical & Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering 
Beachwood, Ohio 

Future Plans: I hope to get a job in digital hardware engineering working on cutting-edge chips and upcoming technologies. 

Jessie Cheng

Mellon College of Science  - Science and Humanities Scholar: Computational Biology 
Oakland Gardens, New York  

Future Plans: A gap year and then medical school. 

Fatima El-Sallabi

Carnegie Mellon University Qatar - Business Administration  
Tripoli, Libya, Palo Alto, California, and Doha, Qatar 

Future Plans: I will be joining Bain & Company as an associate consultant in the Doha Office. I am extremely excited to join an environment where we collectively aim towards the shared goal of problem-solving to yield real results and create impact. 

Adejuwon Jen Fasanya

School of Computer Science  - Interdisciplinary Studies 
Valley Stream, New York 

Future Plans: I started as a software engineer at Google in March. I also am considering grad school someday. 

Lynn Fernandez

Tepper School of Business  - Business Administration and Social & Decision Sciences 
San Jose, California 

Future plans: I will be moving to NYC and working as a sales and trading analyst within Securitized Lending at Bank of America. 

Elizabeth Guo

Dietrich College  - Economics and Human-Computer Interaction 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Future Plans: I'll be working as program manager at Microsoft after graduation. 

mason-caitlin_400x400.webpCaitlin Mason

Mellon College of Science - Chemistry 
Hometown: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 
Future Plans: Working as a medical assistant while applying to medical school.

CMU has helped me grow as a leader, scholar and person, which I plan to translate into a career in medicine. I am so grateful and honored to be an ACS Scholar at the end of my college journey. Receiving this award will help me enrich my applications for medical school and has deepened my connection with the Carnegie Mellon community." 

Ethan Husted

College of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering 
Red Hook, New York 

Future Plans: I’ll be working on medical devices at Key Tech in Baltimore this summer, then coming back to CMU for my master’s in the fall! 

Adrian Kager

School of Computer Science  - Computer Science  
Concord, Massachusetts  

Future Plans: Working at a start-up as a software engineer 

Uma Kommineni

Tepper School of Business  - Business Administration 
Hackettstown, New Jersey 

Future Plans: I am going to be in an asset management rotational program at Capital Group. 

Dorcas Lin

College of Fine Arts - Design  
Glen Allen, Virginia  

Austin Leung

Dietrich College - Interdisciplinary Studies 
Rego Park, New York 

Future Plans: I'll be starting as a software engineer at Citadel Securities in the fall. 

Ethan Lu

Mellon College of Science  - Mathematical Sciences 
Reno, Nevada 

Future Plans: I’m pursuing my Ph.D. in math. 

Ranjan Mahanth

College of Engineering  - Materials Science & Engineering and Biomedical Engineering 
Plainsboro, New Jersey 

Future Plans: I will be working in the vaccine research and development department at Merck. 

Greta Markey

College of Engineering - Civil & Environmental Engineering and Engineering & Public Policy 
Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Future Plans: For the next couple years, I will be in the United Kingdom studying environment and international development as a Marshall Scholar. 

ramachandran-arjun_400x400.webpArjun Ramachandran

College/Major: Dietrich College - International Relations and Politics 
Hometown: Aurora, Illinois 
Future Plans: I will be doing a master's in international development in Madrid. It's a program that's paired up with the United Nations Staff System College.  

“I was truly shocked when I received the email for this award! Much of my CMU journey has been about creating an impact in my immediate community through my work, my writing, my music, and I’m honored to join this group of exceptional student leaders. Being in this program inspires me to continue working and creating. Ultimately, it motivates me to give back to each and every community I’m in.” 

Grayson Moyer

College of Engineering - Electrical & Computer Engineering and Robotics 
Johnstown, Pennsylvania 

Future Plans: I'm going to be working full-time as a software engineer for a company called Matician. They're a small- to mid-sized robotics startup located in Palo Alto, California, so I'll be moving out there soon after graduation. 

Vic Naumov

College of Fine Arts - Art 
Rockville, Maryland 

Future Plans: I am pursuing storyboarding and animation. I hope to land a job at a narrative animation studio. 

Zachary Novack

Dietrich College - Statistics and Data Science 
Boca Raton, Florida 

Future Plans: I have been admitted to a graduate program for my Ph.D. in computer science, focusing on socially-aware machine learning and augmenting pedagogical practice with machine learning. 

Katelyn Parsons

College of Engineering  - Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering 
Belle Mead, New Jersey 

Future Plans: I plan on going to medical school after graduation. 

Dorde Popovic

Carnegie Mellon University Qatar - Computer Science 
Belgrade, Serbia 

Future Plans: I plan to start my post-grad career in research by completing the extension of my senior thesis project and starting work at a national research center in my home country. 

Roni Sosis

Dietrich College - History  
Sharon, Massachusetts  

Future Plans: I'm hoping to work at a nonprofit that works with refugees in the Pittsburgh area. 

Andrew Thompson

College of Engineering  - Civil & Environmental Engineering and Engineering & Public Policy 
Marlton, New Jersey 

Future Plans: Post graduation, I will be joining Deloitte as a strategy and operations analyst, staying in the Pittsburgh office. I'm excited to remain close to CMU and learn more as my career begins! 

Meet Wadhwa

Tepper School of Business - Business Administration and Statistics and Data Science 
Edison, New Jersey 

Future Plans: I will be joining Bridgewater Associates in Westport, Connecticut, as a trading associate after traveling a significant portion of Europe with friends and family. 

xu-tianxin_400x400.webpTianxin Xu

College/Major: School of Computer Science - Computer Science 
Hometown: Ames, Iowa 
Future Plans: Moving to New York City and working at Jane Street .

“Reflecting on my time at CMU, I felt like I had initially struggled to feel like I belonged and stressed about doing the ‘right’ things that everyone else was doing. However, at the end of my four years here, I’m proud of the path I chose to take and the impact I was able to make on the community, even if only in small ways. Being given this award felt really validating and it really reinforced the idea that it’s okay to make your own path and invest your energy in what you’re passionate about.” 

Ruiran Xun

Mellon College of Science -  Chemistry and Computer Science 
Fairfax, Virginia 

Future Plans: I will be moving to the Bay Area and working as a software engineer at Palo Alto Networks. I'm also looking to get involved in local community theater once I get settled into my new job. 

Jasmine Cheng
School of Computer Science -  Computer Science and Robotics 
Sammamish, Washington 

Juhi Dhanesha  
College of Fine Arts  - Architecture 
Clarksburg, Maryland 

Joshua Fried 
College of Fine Arts  - Music and Modern Languages 
Roslyn Heights, New York 

Moses Garcia 
College of Fine Arts  - Drama and Arts & Entertainment Management 
Los Angeles, California 

 Stella Getz 
College of Engineering  - Electrical & Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering 
Berkley, California 

Caitlin Huang 
Dietrich College  - Psychology 
Los Gatos, California  

Gillian Bartholomew 
BXA Intercollege Program  - Science and Arts 
Oceanside, New York 

Justin Britton 
Dietrich College  - Interdisciplinary Studies 
Falls Church, Virginia 

Zofia Majewski  
BXA Intercollege Program  - Humanities and Arts  
Naples, Florida

Allison Rojas 
College of Engineering  - Mechanical Engineering 
Miami, Florida

Lynn Rushkin 
College of Engineering  - Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering 
Acton, Massachusetts  

Meris Sipp
Mellon College of Science  - Physics 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Photos courtesy of the members of the 2022 ACS Scholars