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Congratulations, Class of 2020!

CMU alumni are sending off the CMU Class of 2020 with Tartan wishes

The Class of 2020 is moving from student to graduate under truly unique circumstances. And as they do, we heard from Tartans all around who had advice and congratulations for our newest alumni.

Here we welcome them to the CMU alumni community!

"Congratulations! Never has there been a more important moment to engage and begin to share your ideas, creativity and energy. The world needs you. Wear Class of 2020 as badge of honor and symbol of great things to come."

Randall Walter (A 1992)

"We are innovative. We are hardworking. We are focused. That’s the soul of all CMU graduates. During these turbulent times, there are many opportunities to create momentous change in the world. Be fearless. Create the change you want to see."

Po Yan Ho (E 2006, 2007)

"Class of 2020, you are more special than your circumstances. Never let your fear of the unknown overpower the faith in yourself. The night is the darkest before dawn. And when you see the light, help others to see it too. #HappyGraduation<3"

Karishma Shah (CMU 2017)

"Hi all, a big congrats on your graduation and it’s a big achievement. Remember wherever you go, make the world a better place to live. Keep smiling and never loose hope. Miracles do happen if you believe it. Good luck and be a proud Tartan :-)"

Pooja Udani (HNZ 2016)

"Congrats Class of 2020, A diploma from CMU will serve you well. It's reputation is well respected, it can help to land that first job, but up to you to best utilize the skills learned at CMU to excel in you career."

Nancy Clark-Bond (E 1980)

"You are graduating into a world with challenges around every corner. But with challenges come opportunities and as graduates of one of the best universities on the planet, you have both the knowledge and the brilliance to succeed. Good luck!"

Sidd Shenoy (S 2008, 2012)

"Welcome to a select and prestigious group of people, graduates of Carnegie Mellon University!! Well done!"

Alexis Kochmann (DC 1981)

"Congratulations to the CMU Class of 2020! If you can get through this unprecedented time, then you can get through anything. Your future remains bright. Best of luck to you!"

Safia Bhimji (E 1992)

"Congratulations Class of 2020. What a momentous occasion as the entire world faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities. You are well equipped to help shape the future of our nation and the world. Best wishes for the future."

Akoss Schuppius (HnZ 1997)

"Congratulations to this year's class of graduating Tartans! Stay strong in these unprecedented and dangerous times. Your training at CMU will allow you to succeed even through the roughest moments in life."

Irene Sun (A 2018)

"Along with many other alumni, I celebrate you for graduating from CMU! I know you will go out into the world doing great things with your education and wish you all the best in your lives and your careers. Congratulations, Class of 2020!"

Teri Breier (DC 1986)

"Congratulations on graduating from CMU! It was likely challenging, rigorous and a lot! Know that it was worth it and that these four years will shape your character. I am so proud of this year's class!"

Marlen Amaro (DC 2012)

"Each year since 1940 I realize the immense value of my Carnegie 'Tech' education. I have confidence that over the years you also will increasingly appreciate the value of your CMU education. Congratulations and wishes for every success."

Gerald Meyer (E 1940, 1942)

"Close your eyes and imagine your friends and mentors and professors all around you, cheering for you as loud as they can. This is your moment!"

Eric Zhu (CS 2018)

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