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Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

Carnegie Mellon and the CMU Alumni Association are committed to highlighting CMU's exceptional Latinx and Hispanic alumni, students, faculty and staff throughout the year.

Each year, from September 15 to October 15, we celebrate Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month and the histories, cultures and contributions of Americans whose ancestry can be traced to the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, South America and Spain. This month provides us with a special opportunity to recognize, acknowledge and elevate these Tartans for their professional and academic excellence across the Latinx and Hispanic Community’s multiple intersectional identities.

Get Involved: Join the Hispanic-Latino Alumni Association

Connect and reconnect with fellow Hispanic-Latino alumni, students, parents and friends of CMU through the Hispanic-Latino Alumni Association!

CMU Voices

ruby-jula-700x700.jpgRuby Jula, senior associate implementation specialist, global product development at Pfizer

“I’m a big proponent of equity in opportunity. I want to bring my unique perspective to the work I do and encourage others to do the same.

natalie-salazar-spotlight.jpgNatalie Salazar, CMU student body president 2022-2023

I am the first Tartan Scholar and first Latina to serve as student body president. I’ve always thought, ‘How am I going to make my mark?’ Now I can really see the impact that I —and my community —have made.”

ivan-cao-berg-400x400.jpgIvan Cao-Berg, host of Barrio Latino radio show and research software specialist for the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

“I noticed that Latinos in Pittsburgh had no sense of community for many different reasons. I wanted to help build that community, to increase our visibility and help to build a historical footprint.

sonia-manzano-300x300.jpgSonia Manzano, actor, executive producer and writer

We’ve done a great job of showing many, many different kinds of people as much as we can in an animated situation (on PBS KIDS’ Alma’s Way). We take great care in showing as many skin tones as possible and not putting people into categories. The power of an image is something we take great pains to get right.

Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Thanks to everyone who joined us to recognize and elevate the university’s Latinx and Hispanic community at the Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration.

The family-friendly event included food from a trio of local Latinx-and Hispanic-owned restaurants and provided opportunities for alumni, students, faculty and staff to connect and learn about the Latinx and Hispanic community’s impact on campus and in the Pittsburgh area.


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