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Weekend Highlights

spring-carnival-2022-logo-min.pngThousands of Tartans raced from MOBOT to Buggy to an actual 5K and everything in between during the 2022 Spring Carnival & Reunion Weekend.

If you’d missed the fun — or would like to relive some of your favorite moments — check out results, photos and recordings from the weekend’s events here.

Photo Albums


Spring Carnival 2022


Reunion Weekend 2022

Signature Events

Insider’s Look with CMU Deans
50 Years of CMU: Then & Now
History of Buggy
Campus Lore Tour

“The Wild West of Computing” Oral History Podcast from Cut Pathways

More Events

→ Spring Carnival Opening Ceremony

Sweepstakes Races

Booth Results


1st: Sigma Phi Epsilon (“Treasure Planet”)
2nd: Phi Delta Theta (“The Martian”)
3rd: Delta Tau Delta (“Mario Galaxy”)


1st: Delta Gamma (“Rick and Morty”)
2nd: Kappa Alpha Theta (“Soul”)
3rd: Kappa Kappa Gamma (“Yellow Submarine”)


1st: Asian Student Association (“Despicable Me”)
2nd: Taiwanese Student Association (“Big Hero Six”)
3rd: Fringe (“Percy Jackson”)


1st: Singapore Student Association (“Singapore Airport”)
2nd: Astronomy Club (“Lifecycle of a Star”)
3rd: KGB (“Sneaking into the Houses of Hollywood Stars”)


1st: Undergraduate Student Senate (“Guardogs of the Galaxy”)
2nd: Habitat for Humanity (“Starry Night”)
3rd: Latino/a Graduate Student Association (“Bodega”)

Other Awards:

Chairman’s Choice Award: Kappa Kappa Gamma (“Yellow Submarine”)
People’s Choice Award: Kappa Alpha Theta (“Soul”)
T-Shirt Award: Taiwanese Student Association (“Big Hero Six”)
Safety Award: Delta Delta Delta (“Space Buddies”)
Environmental Award (Blitz): Singapore Student Association (“Singapore Airport”)
Environmental Award (Other): Taiwanese Student Association (“Big Hero Six”)

Sweepstakes Results


1st: Spirit A
Hill 1 and Queen King of the Hill: Maame Conduah
Hill 2: Divya Seenivasan
Hill 3: Anna Iacocca
Hill 4: Mia Constantin
Hill 5: Teresa Myrthil
Driver: Cynthia Xu
2nd: PiKA A
3rd: Fringe A
4th: Spirit B
5th: Fringe B
6th: PiKA B


1st: SDC A
Hill 1 and Blinn/Brewer King of the Hill: Clayton Edwards
Hill 2: Keltin Grimes
Hill 3: Neville Caceres
Hill 4: John Huemme
Hill 5: John Iaropoli
Driver: Suzanne Nie
2nd: PiKA A
3rd: CIA A
4th: Apex A
5th: Spirit B
6th: SigNu A

Design Competition:

1st: CIA - Kingfisher
2nd: CIA - Roadrunner
3rd: Fringe - Burnout
People's Choice Award: Fringe - Burnout
Best T-Shirt: DG


Chairman of the Year: James Wong
Most Improved Team: SigNu
Tom Wood Spirit of Buggy Award: Apex
Anne Witchner Chairmen's Choice: DG

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5k-2022.jpgSpring Carnival 5K

Results provided by Spring Carnival 5K team.
We are thrilled to announce that 474 members of the Tartan community (students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends) participated in the Spring Carnival 5K, both in-person and virtually. In-person results can be found on the Wolf Creek Spring Carnival 5K site with Tolson (#1) and Mikayla (#4) and taking top spots with male and female slots, respectively. For more information, visit the Spring Carnival 5K website.