Carnegie Mellon University
November 12, 2020

A Legacy of Learning

Casey family celebrates 111 years of Tartan pride — and counting

By Sarah Burke

When Dennis “Dan” Casey graduated from Carnegie Technical Schools in 1909, he had no idea that three generations of his descendants would follow in his footsteps.

Today, Tartan pride continues to be a hallmark of the Casey family. Three of Dan’s children, one daughter-in-law, one son-in-law and two of his grandchildren are Carnegie Mellon University alumni.

Two great-grandsons are current students, carrying Dan’s legacy into the 21st century.

“Daddy instilled in us that, because of his education, we his children had so many advantages,” said Dan’s daughter, Barbara McCrudden. “He was always loyal to Tech and was generous in his support of scholarships for students in need.”


“Daddy instilled in us that, because of his education, we his children had so many advantages. He was always loyal to Tech and was generous in his support of scholarships for students in need.”

Barbara McCrudden, dan's daughter & 1956 alumna


After graduation, Dan worked in engineering and sales at Westinghouse Electric Corporation and eventually started his own business, Duquesne Electric Manufacturing Company. 


10 Tartans across 4 Generations

8 CMU Graduates

  • 3 Margaret Morrison Carnegie College
  • 3 Tepper School of Business
  • 2 College of Engineering

2 Current Students

  • 1 Mellon College of Science
  • 1 Tepper School of Business

Earliest Graduation Year:

Latest Expected Graduation Year:


(left) Dan Casey received this commemorative chair in the 1950s to honor the earliest graduates of Carnegie Tech.


Dan Casey’s yearbook page from Carnegie Tech

“CMU has such strong programs in business, engineering, science, the arts — any area I’d like to study. I’ve had so many opportunities herefrom conducting research to serving as a Highland Ambassador. The faculty and staff always have our best interest at heart.”  

Connor Leemhuis, Dan's great-grandson & a junior in Computational finance


Dan's granddaughter, great-grandson and daughter-in-law: Carrie Casey, an alumna; Connor Leemhuis, a current student; and Gloria Casey, an alumna


Dan's grandson, Kurt Casey, an alumnus


Dan's son-in-law and daughter, Jerry and Marilyn Bracken, both alumni


Dan's daughter, Barbara McCrudden, an alumna

 CMU is an important part of our lives. My training as a chemist was a crucial part of my success in my career. The importance placed on science as a part of a modern society and interdisciplinary world, that included music and art, benefited us immensely at CMU and afterwards. 

Marilyn Bracken, dan's daughter & 1957 alumna


Dan Casey's three children, Marilyn (left), Don, Barbara, all alumni


Dan's great-grandson, Connor Leemhuis, a junior in the computational finance program


Don Casey, an alumnus, poses with his father Dan's commemorative chair


Dan's great-grandson, Cam Casey, a first-year student in the Tepper School of Business