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Studies in Peninsular Literature and Culture: Gender In/Of Representation - Gender, Identity, Sexuality and Health

Course Number: 82-441

This course explores the politics of gender, identity, sexuality, and health in 20th and 21st century Spain from interdisciplinary perspectives. There will be a central focus on texts including film, novel, essay, painting, and photography. We will draw on examples from historical debates and documents as well as creative output -all in order to work toward an synthetic understanding of the following key issues: sexual and reproductive health and rights; sexual autonomy and choice; prostitution; sterilization; eugenics; the right to bear children; abortion; and motherhood. Students will work collaboratively in the target language with the goal of arriving at their own conclusions about the relationship between representation and reality, experience and analysis. This course is taught entirely in Spanish.

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Units: 9
Prerequisite(s): 82345