Carnegie Mellon University

Water is Life

Human Right to Water and Water Justice

Bread and Water: Access, Belonging, and Environmental Justice in the City Lecture Series

Wednesday September 25
4:30 to 6:00 pm
Danforth Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Cohon University Center

Farhana Sultana, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

Water affects all aspects of human and non-human life. With climate change, existing water insecurities and scarcities will be exacerbated but unevenly so throughout the world. Even though water governance is often approached in technocratic or managerialist ways, which overlook the complex role of water in our lives, global shifts are occurring with greater civic engagement and galvanizations around water. Increasing attention is being paid to the importance of water to broader issues of citizenship, democracy, sustainability, and development. Integral to these have been discourses and actions on the human right to water and water justice. This talk will discuss what the human right to water and water justice can mean at local and global scales and why these are important to understand and support for greater social and environmental justice.

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Co-sponsored by CMU's Humanities Center, Department of History, and Civil & Environmental Engineering; The University of Pittsburgh's Asian Studies Center; and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation