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Undergraduate Research

Participating in undergraduate research is a special aspect of the Dietrich College experience.

The Undergraduate Research Office provides extensive support to all Carnegie Mellon students looking to engage in research and can assist you with everything from proposal to funding. A great way to get connected to research is to get to know the professors doing work in your areas of interest and find out what projects they are working on. Of course, your academic advisor is a phenomenal resource to help you with adding undergraduate research to your academic plan so make sure you are reaching out to them as you consider this experiential learning opportunity.

Preparing for Undergraduate Research

If you anticipate wanting to complete research during your time at Carnegie Mellon, the resources listed below can help make sure you are fully prepared.

  • Dietrich College Research Training Program: this unique research apprenticeship is designed for second-semester first-year students and sophomores to prepare them for future research
  • Introduction to Statistical Research Methodology (36-290): this is a first course in statistical practice, targeted to first-semester sophomores. It is designed as a high-level introduction to the ways by which statisticians go about approaching and analyzing quantitative observational data, thus preparing students for future work in capstone classes.
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship (SURA): this entry-level, immersive research experience is designed for students who aren’t yet ready to write their own research proposal or apply to more competitive programs yet 
  • Meeting of the Minds: learn more about the projects taking place at Carnegie Mellon during this annual celebration of undergraduate research


Finding Undergraduate Research

Research is happening all over campus! If you aren’t ready to propose your own topic yet, check out the various labs, centers and campus resources that can help you find the right project to match your passion.

Funding Undergraduate Research

Ready to take your research to the next level? Whether you are looking for funding for supplies or a summer-long research fellowship, various grants exist to support you while completing research.

Receiving Academic Credit

If you are interested in receiving academic credit for your research experience, make sure to talk to your advisor!