Carnegie Mellon University

Leveraging CMU’s world-class thought leadership and PwC’s strategic client-engagement expertise, the Center is dedicated to researching, developing and testing next-generation technological solutions to help solve challenges related to critical areas in our rapidly changing digital landscape.

Please see the most up to date list of funded projects below (*denotes current active project).

*Scaffolding Responsible AI Practices at the Earliest Stages of Ideation, Problem Formation and Project Selection - Ken Holstein (HCII), Motahhare Eslami (HCII), John Zimmerman (HCII), Jodi Forlizzi (HCII), Haiyi Zhu (HCII), Hoda Heidari (Machine Learning), Christian Kaestner (S3D)

*Agile AI/ML Engineering - Thomas Scanlon (CMU)

*Intelligent Digital Transformation - Alan Scheller-Wolf (Tepper), Sunder Kekre (Tepper), Sham Kekre (Tepper)

Measuring the Energy and Cost Implications of Working from Home - Sameer Badlani (Heinz Adjunct)

*Robust and Fair AI Systems in Dynamic Environments - Zachary Lipton (Machine Learning), Hoda Heidari (Machine Learning), Andrej Risteski (Machine Learning), David Childers (Tepper)

*Using Graph Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection in General- and Sub-ledger Bookkeeping Data - Leman Akoglu (Heinz), Pierre Liang (Tepper)

Cloud Benchmarking and Maturity Model - Chris Herr (Heinz)

Efficient AI-Enhanced Auditing for Financial Statement Audits with Statistical Guarantees - Pierre Liang (Tepper), Zachary Lipton (Machine Learning), Aaditya Ramdas (Statistics)

Evidence Matching - Scalable Similarity Search with Incomplete Data - George Chen (Heinz)

Anomaly Detection of Large Volume Transactional Data - Pierre Liang (Tepper)

Auditing for Quality and Fairness when Predictions Become Policies - Zachary Lipton (Machine Learning), Alexandra Chouldechova (Heinz), Matthew Fredrikson (Computer Science)

Communication Skills Training for VR - Jessica Hammer (HCII), Kim Hyatt (Heinz), Geoff Kaufman (HCII)

Customization of Voice Profiling Technology for Paralinguistic Analysis of Generic Call Center Data - Richard Stern (ECE), Alexander Rudnicky (LTI)

Digital Crime Fighters - Hai Wang (Heinz), Chris Labash (Heinz)

GL Anomaly Detection Applications and Graph - Pierre Liang (Tepper), Leman Akoglu (Heinz)

RegTech Gap Analysis - Anatole Gershman (LTI)

Summer Research Program - various CMU Faculty Advisors

The Impact of AI on Corporate Performance and Labor Demand:  Deriving Strategic Corporate Information from Economic Data - Lee Branstetter (Heinz)


Analytics Maturity Model for Selected Specific Domains, Part 2 - Peter Chen (Heinz)

Authorship Attribution, Part 2 - Eduard Hovy (LTI)

Childhood Food Insecurity Initiative - Timothy Zak (Heinz)

Social Cohesion, Employee Advancement, and Retention - Anita Woolley (Tepper), Rosalind Chow (Tepper), David Krackhardt (Heinz), Zachary Lipton (Machine Learning)

Applying AI to Auditing - Eduard Hovy (LTI), Pierre Liang (Tepper), Sunder Kekre (Tepper)

CMU Driver Behavioral Facial Awareness System - Marios Savvides (ECE)

Data Collection of Voice-Based Deception Data in Engineered and Controlled Lab Environments - Rita Singh (LTI)

Detecting Accounting Abnormalities in General Ledger Detail Reports - Leman Akoglu (Heinz), Pierre Liang (Tepper)

Early Detection of Risk from Streaming Media Documents - Leman Akoglu (Heinz)

Entity ID and Linkage - Eduard Hovy (LTI)

Healthcare Analysis, Part 2 - David Krackhardt (Heinz)

Information Extraction from Commercial Lease Documents, Part 3 - Eduard Hovy (LTI)

Smart Pricing - Pricing Sensitivity - Kannan Srinivasan (Tepper), Hui Li (Tepper)

A Framework for Strategy Management of RegTech Technologies - Sunder Kekre (Tepper), Sham Kekre (Tepper)

An IoT Testbed for the PwC Center - Bruno Sinopoli (ECE)

Analysis of Risk in Complex Vendor Networks - George Chen (Heinz)

Analytics Maturity Model - Peter Chen (Heinz)

Authorship Attribution - Eduard Hovy (LTI)

Community Detection Analysis in Healthcare - David Krackhardt (Heinz)

Community Trust and Sentiment Analysis - Jamie Callan (LTI)

Deriving Enhanced Biometric Information From the Human Voice to Assist Forensic Analysis - Rita Singh (LTI), Alexander Rudnicky (LTI)

Exploring Privacy and Security Risks in Blockchain Ecosystems - Nicolas Christin (ISR)

Fraud Analytics: Description, Sense-Making, and Detection - Leman Akoglu (Heinz)

Information Extraction from Commercial Lease Documents - Eduard Hovy (LTI)

Information Extraction from Commercial Lease Documents, Part 2 - Eduard Hovy (LTI)

Maturity Model Framework for Blockchain Ecosystems - Nicolas Christin (ISR)

Resilience Analysis and Design of IoT-based Smart Infrastructures - Bruno Sinopoli (ECE), Anthony Rowe (ECE), Yuvraj Agarwal (ISR)

Understanding the Public's Perception of Public Safety and Police Departments - Jamie Callan (LTI)