Carnegie Mellon University

General Education Program
Fall 2021 and Beyond

Equipping Students with 21st Century Skills

In Fall 2021, Dietrich College launched its new General Education program, which builds on the college’s exceptional educational foundation and strengths. Designed for an integrated and robust experience, you will delve into 15 learning areas spread across multiple disciplines and engage in personalized experiences through coursework and experiences out of the classroom.

Combined with an education from world-class faculty, these experiences will prepare you to tackle complex problems in work and in life and to challenge social, political, and global concerns such as inequality and injustice, climate change and voting.

Personalized Education

Throughout your personalized educational journey, skilled academic advisors will encourage and support you. Moreover, the new General Education program will be backed by on-going and comprehensive program assessment, so you can be sure that Dietrich College faculty and staff will guide you successfully through your undergraduate experience.

When you graduate from Dietrich College, you will be equipped with 21st century skills and knowledge that will empower you to cross boundaries, defy expectations, dream big, and do big!