Carnegie Mellon University


Research areas of particular strength within the department include: behavioral decision research, experimental economics, technology and innovation, international relations, and complex adaptive social systems.  As this list indicates, members of the department stress the development of theories of social phenomena that do not always fit neatly into traditional disciplinary boundaries. There is a complementary emphasis on the empirical testing of theory, leading to a common concern with methodology. Much of the research in the department has important public policy implications.

Center for Risk Perception and Communication

Professors Downs, Broomell, Chapman, Fischbeck, Fischhoff and Morgan

Data-Driven Diversity Lab

Professors Manke, Babcock, Jarbo and Kaufman

Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory

Professor Cleotilde Gonzalez

The Center for Behavioral Decision Research

Professors Alessandro Acquisti and George Loewenstein

Behavioral Economics and Decision Research Policy Lab

Professors Saurabh Bhargava and George Loewenstein