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A Force for Good in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Block Center for Technology and Society at Carnegie Mellon University was established to examine the societal consequences of technological change and to create meaningful plans of action.

Artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and advanced manufacturing promise profound impacts across society. While many of these impacts will benefit people, there exists the possibility that many in the labor market will be displaced, and that technology may fundamentally change how people engage with and contribute to their world. 

The Block Center will focus on how emerging technologies will alter the future of work, how AI and analytics can be harnessed for social good, and how innovation in these spaces can be more inclusive and generate targeted, relevant solutions that reduce inequality and improve quality of life.


Addressing technological disruption from the perspective of economics, organizations, and public policy, the Block Center's projects will seek to ensure that the benefits of technological change are widely shared, opening new paths to prosperity for all.

Focus Areas

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The Future of Work

How will technology change the nature of work? What types of jobs will no longer be done by humans? Who is at risk of being left behind?

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Artificial Intelligence & Analytics For Good

How can artificial intelligence and analytics increase justice and reduce inequality? Can we design algorithms which are transparent and fair? How do we design machines that are worthy of our trust?

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Seeding Societal Futures

How can technology be used to reskill displaced workers? What new work opportunities will technology create? What solutions can we create to alleviate human suffering?

Keith Block: Co-CEO Salesforce

The Block Center was launched thanks to the generosity of Carnegie Mellon University alumnus Keith Block and his wife, Suzanne Kelley. Block is the co-Chief Executive Officer of cloud computing giant Salesforce was recently ranked #1 on Fortune's Future 50.

Does Technology Kill Jobs?
- Prof. Lee Branstetter

Using AI in Education to Reduce Inequality
- Prof. Amy Ogan

Ethics and Trust in an Automated World
- Prof. David Danks

Recent & Upcoming Events

  • Nov 9 Keith Block Entrepreneurship Competition
  • Nov 7 Block Center Director Rahul Telang to speak on Federal Trade Commission panel on the Impact of Privacy Regulations on Competition and Innovation
  • Nov 6 Professor Alessandro Acquisti speaking on Federal Trade Commission panel on the Economics of Big Data and Personal Information
  • Oct 9 Bringing Together the AFL-CIO Commission on the Future of Work and Unions
  • More events

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